Stickers on Leather?

Mini sticker from the 2012 Dovecraft Collection – knew it would come in handy!

Aaaaaaand I’m back in the Malden. I wish I could tell you what it is about this binder I love, but I simply can’t put it into words. The antiqued leather, the contrast stitching, the relaxed feel to it, the larger ring size, the full length back pocket, the pocket at the back that enables me to slot my iPhone SE (I’m aware it’s old, but I prefer small phones and I’m not sure I want my face to be how I unlock my phone!) into the back pocket, the suppleness or the leather… I don’t know. But here I am, back again.

The roundel sticker is from Amazon

Now I follow a lot of planner addicts on Instagram and although many pages are loaded up with stickers and washi and a myriad other ways to decorate their weeks or monthly spreads… but most protect their planners and as well as putting their planners in protective bags, many tend not to decorate the actual planner itself.

What are people’s thoughts on popping stickers on their actual planner? Or pins/badges/brooches? Has anyone done this?

Sorry for the short post today, I thought I’d send the question out to see people’s thoughts on this… as for the change of style in the Pocket Malden, more info will be coming once I’ve finished playing around with it 🙂

If I don’t get to you sooner, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all!



Pocket Chameleon is my personal rock star planner!

Hello, hello!

Nice to see you all, you see you nice, and all that :). How have you been? It’s been a while hasn’t it?

For the last 18 months or so, I’ve been in my pocket Malden’s (I have ochre, fuchsia and kingfisher blue now). I must admit when I think of a “planner”, I automatically think of the Malden. It’s such an iconic design, don’t you think?

I’ve also moved house (during Lockdown #1, buying and selling was sure fun!) and tried and failed to help an ex battle alcoholism. I’ve also been working constantly through lockdown, like many others, mostly from home. Taking part in the Thursday evening doorstep applauses for the Keyworkers and doing the double back to my car almost every time to grab my mask before entering a supermarket/convenience store. It’s been an interesting year for sure!

Coming slowly out of lockdown and starting to get a little life into my world other than work or decorating, I was forgetting things I needed to do or places I needed to be. I wasn’t utilising my planner. I wasn’t reaching out for my beloved Pocket Malden’s, I noticed.

Speaking with my best mate and fellow planner enthusiast (who has just bought a pocket Filofax croc and loving it), Carrie, she also felt that she associates certain planners with certain times in her life, as do I. Are there any planner people out there that do this too? I have filofaxes that remind me of happy times, and Filofaxes that remind me of down times in my life.

Anyway, I thought with things beginning to happen again (and just as we sailed into Lockdown 2.0!) I decided to change things up again and find a planner that would allow me to create a bit of a rock and roll/music vibe.

I did have a Croc in mind but I feel the Chameleon had a bit of a “glam rock” shimmer and texture to the leather.

The Chameleon is a discontinued model of Filofax therefore I took to EBay to find this beauty.

Firstly, I must admit, the leather feels sublime and as usual on all Filofax models, the planner feels sturdy and well made.

The clasp opens the planner to reveal a part leather-part elasticated pen loop to the left. It is leather throughout he interior also, with a full length back pocket like the Pocket Malden’s (however with much more structure). The left also boasts 5 vertical car slot holders and a full length pocket. The right hand side has a outward opening zip pocket.

The layout is so practical it is easy to see why many have opted to utilise this organiser as a purse/wallet.

But for me, I’ve tried and failed miserably to use my planners as a purse, so I’ve resigned myself to use the planner as I find easiest for myself at the moment… as a planner ;).

The card slots hold my “London” theme Starbucks card, Cartology paperclip, a few London flag sticky notes and a tartan card stock through the full length pocket detailing “In Case of Emergency” contacts and allergy information. The first page is a plastic transparent dashboard with yellow butterfly sticky notes I write down things I need when I am out and about.

Behind the dashboard, the back holds a project life card stuck with washi tape. My first divider is my “Info” – dividers made with 2 leopard print card stock stuck together and an Avery tab. I’ve used an embossing label maker to label the tab.

Behind the tab, I have my personal information: name, email address, phone number just in case it gets lost.

In the info tab, I have two top tabs, with a £ sign and a **** sign. The first details my bills: the supplier, amount and date it leaves my account. The 2nd is my passwords (all coded of course).

The next divider is my Calendar section. Divider made with 2 black sheets of card stock with an old flyer of a club I used to attend stuck on, and again, an Avery tab.

The back of the divider has another project life tab on affixed by washi tape. This section holds a pull out Filofax 2020 horizontal Year Planner which I haven’t used, due to lockdown! It also holds my monthly calendar, by NBPlanner:

All of the information is colour coded and transferred from this page, to the outer half pages of my weekly section.

This section is my Diary section. the divider is made of 2 tartan card stock sheets glued together, a project life card held by washi tape and another Avery tab, with the label being printed out from Excel, cut and glued onto the tab.

The diary section itself is Filofax Week on 2 Pages, I try to keep the events to the outer part of the page and any “to do’s” or “to check” on the rings half of the page. Anything that is happening throughout the week will be detailed at the top of the page in the “This Week” box. I use Sharpie Highlighters, and a Faber Castell Ballpoint Pen to plan. I reinforce the ring area with washi tape. The today marker is taken from Project Life, with a cut up Project Life Card help on by washi tape and labelled with an embossed label maker, and the highlighting key noted. On the back of the today marker I usually put a London flag sticky note detailing the Christmas purchases to be made that week.

My Lists section divider is red card stock with a record fair flyer stuck on, with an Avery tab and an excel label. The lists section has 2 top tab sections, Xmas and £. The Xmas tab details Christmas Eve box ideas, and gift ideas. I’ll likely add a Christmas card list shortly. The £ tab is a spending log, detailing date, item and price. I asterisk items that are Christmas items.

My notes section is again, cheetah card stock (2sheets back to back gullies together) with a project life card washi-d o and an Avery tab. This holds a few random note paper that my may wish to utilise in the lists section of the planner.

The final section is untabbed, zebra print card stock. It has a top loading pocket with film reel washi tape stuck to it, so that I can place the tape in the diary section of the planner to remind myself of upcoming films on TV I want to watch. This will be well used over Christmas! Inside the pocket holds a few “payday” stickers and the Avery tabs just in case I need to make more.

And that’s my current planner setup! Are there many pocket users still out there?

Until next time Rock and Rollers!

Kel xx

Pocket Filofax Malden in Kingfisher Blue

Hi Everyone!


After an agonising 5 day wait, today I finally received my Pocket Malden in Kingfisher Blue. Oh my. It’s a beauty.

All over the bank holiday weekend I worked on inserts for it and, inspired by the colour, I decided to stay vibrant and go for a mermaid type of theme. You know my Filofaxes always seem to have themes!

I’ve used a lot of papers from “Hunkydory’s Twilight Under The Sea” collection and also the “First Edition Beyond The Shore” to create these dividers, markers note papers etc.

It’s by no means finished yet, but I just couldn’t wait for you to see it!And so, without further ado, please meet my latest addition 🙂

When I took it out of the box, I did my new favourite thing to do with the lived in Malden range – I massaged it with Coconut Oil so that it became buttery and soft and aged.

In the pockets I have an In Case of Emergency card that I created on Excel and stuck onto one of the scrapbook cards. In the pocket behind is a sticky notes section full of little tiny sticky notes – from Dovecraft. The Dashboard is an absolutely beautiful piece of art I just had to print out from Pinterest. It’s perhaps my favourite mermaid illustration ever. It’s so vibrant and mystical!

Behind the dashboard, another Pinterest find which is again, sublime! Then I have a credit card pocket with a die cut or topper from the Twilight Under the Sea range.

My tabs were all created using the “We R Memory Keepers” Bracket Tab and the labels were simply created in Excel, cut out very roughly and stuck onto the tabs with packing tape. I’ve used no laminate in this filofax.

The Today Bookmark was made with the “Twilight Inder The Sea” Cardstock and again, the labels were created on Excel, cut out very roughly and stuck onto the card.

Lastly I created this credit card holder with side pocket which I’m still not sure about… I don’t know if I’ll be keeping it in here just yet!

And that’s it! Like I say, I’m still setting things up and things are likely to move around as I find what works for me – it’s been a VERY long time since I was in a Pocket Filofax!

Pocket users – how do you utilise yours!? Any ideas will be great fully received 🙂

Until next time – carry on planning!



Filofax Personal Malden Ochre

These Malden’s are the same age. I know, crazy isn’t it! They were both taken out of the box the weekend and yet the one to the right looks really worn in and the patina looks supple and shiny through years of use.

I have to admit, I’m kind of in love with the one on the right, a lot!

I’m going to tell you the tale of the 2 Personal Malden’s in Ochre:

Firstly, I’ve been away from my Filofaxes for a good 18 months or so. I’ve felt that I didn’t really need to be planning at work so much and I promised I could keep it all in my head… and what ended up happening was a lot of agreeing to go somewhere or do something only to be contacted weeks or months later asking where I was as I’d organised something and forgotten about it!

I figured I needed something. So I tried my Travelers Notebook and then a Moleskine, and then a “normal” diary from Laura Ashley. All with very little success.

So I decided before the weekend I would go back to my trusty old Filofax, or rather, a new, trusty Filofax hehe. I had seen on one of the Filofax Facebook groups that a few people had gotten their Kingfisher Blue Malden’s and I kind of really wanted one: a lot (spoiler, I ordered one…!). But I also spotted the Ochres on sale on Amazon, and I had always been one foot in the Ochre camp; whenever I went into WHSmiths to feel then though, they felt quite… plasticky and not as soft as I thought they’d be. But in my moment of weakness, it didn’t stop me as I ordered from Amazon and received the very next day.

When it arrived, I was so excited I opened it up but to discover that there were 2017 diary inserts (which was fine, but I thought I would let Amazon know just in case they had any issues with any other customers etc) and they told me I needed to return the Filofax and get a replacement. I told them I didn’t want to return it, and I just wanted to get the correct inserts instead. After too-ing and fro-ing I eventually agreed to return and they would send a replacement the next day.

The next day, the replacement arrived and again, it was the 2017 inserts, so now I had 2 Ochre Malden’s, but both with 2017 inserts. I got onto Amazon to let them know that I had still received 2017 inserts, and they credited me £5 to my account so I could purchase 2019 inserts.

The collection of the original was supposed to happen today however they never turned up, and I ended up on the phone to Amazon and even offered to deliver it to their branch, which is opposite my workplace.

Amazon turned around and told me that they didn’t want the Filofax back, and I could dispose of it or do what I like with it. So effectively, I have 2 Ochre Malden’s that I’ve only paid for 1 and it was in a sale as it was!

Anyway…! The one on the right was the replacement and when I took it out of the box it felt a little plasticky, so I decided I would try my normal method of moisturising it, but with coconut oil instead of normal moisturiser. After rubbing the oil onto the surface of the empty binder, I noticed it getting darker in places and I initially panicked, wondering if it was taking the colour off the leather. But it suddenly felt so soft, buttery and luxurious, I had to keep on going! The colour you see above is after 2 attempts of coconut oil, and I think it looks beautifully aged and rustic and very loved.

Even the grain looks better and more moisturised.

I have to say, it’s even much more pliable than the untouched one!

What do you prefer? A brand spanking new Malden that looks absolutely pristine, or so you prefer one that looks a little more weathered and aged?

Until next time keep planning!



Why Do We Love Stationery So Much?

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back

Hope you’re all enjoying your week – Unfortunately I’m ill with a cold so I’m drinking fluids like no tomorrow and I’m trying to rest up as much as I can.  As well as that, I have finally pulled out a beautiful little notebook I purchased a while back but never really felt I could write in it as I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

This morning while resting on my sofa with a green tea, I decided I finally had the topic for it.

I’d love to earn some more money and I’ve seen my friends on Facebook getting involved with sideline projects and promoting the brands they’re working in conjunction with.  I watch youtube vloggers like this beauty that have their fingers in loads of pies and I wonder to myself – HOW THE HELL DO THEY DO IT?

So, I’m using this little A5 Beauty I’ve found in Homesense to help me potentially earn me a little bit of cash 🙂

As I pulled the pretty little notebook out, I wondered to myself, why is it we love stationery so much?  Why are we addicted to purchasing those gorgeous little notebooks and fancy pens and beautiful stickers and labels and diaries so much?

Part of me things that when I write, I place down part of my soul.  My writing is as unique as my fingerprint, it reveals something about myself.  I want my writing to be perfect – I can’t stand to see my writing turn to rushed scrawls that are barely legible.  My writing is my stamp; my mark on the world.  It reveals more of myself than any typed word could ever do.

I sometimes think my writing is not fancy or neat or I don’t have such interesting things to write about in some intimidatingly beautiful notebooks.  Some notebooks look to me like they intend to hold manuscripts, rather than Christmas wish lists or scribbled notes from a meeting.  I feel I do not hold a manuscript in me, so I pass over those fancy notebooks.  I wouldn’t want to spoil such a perfect notebook with my jumbled thoughts.  Obviously I need to change my opinion on that, but at the moment, I feel there are “purposeful” notebooks, and “everyday catch all” notebooks.

To me, writing is nostalgic.  When I receive a handwritten note, I know the person has gone out of their way to take time out of their busy schedule to purposely write to me.  And that makes me feel so special, especially as we live in a world where we are typing our “I love you”‘s on our iPhones while running around the supermarket or out at a bar with friends (which is a pet peeve of mine, apart from to take a photo, I generally leave my phone in my bag during social events).

I’m a dreamer and can be rather whimsical at times, old fashioned even.  I hear about a time when things went at a much slower pace, that news didn’t get plastered everywhere until a day or two later, and in some cases, even longer.  Sometimes I love the convenience of technology but I love the luxury of the written word.

Case in point; the man I have been seeing for a fair few months now lives maybe 70 miles away from me.  Even though its perhaps 1 hour on the train (not including travelling to the station and waiting for the next train).  We see each other every other weekend usually.  When we are not seeing each other, we use WhatsApp to communicate usually on a daily basis.  It’s perfect for general messaging, screen shotting our travel information to each other so we know when our trains are arriving to meet each other at the station, pasting links to events or bars or restaurants to organise our visits together, creating groups to organise a larger group get together, recording and sending little voice or video messages to say “Buenos Dias!” (he’s Spanish) first thing in the morning, to send little silly photo’s throughout the day to ease the stressful working day…  and I like to utilise technology to take photo’s of little post it notes I scribble little notes on for him, or send a photo of a steamed up mirror after I’ve just taken a shower with a little silly note on there for him.  Sometimes I write a letter to him and scan it into my mac, and send it over on e-mail to him so that it has that handwritten look still but with the convenience of technology.

So yes, dust off that old pen and write your aunt a thank you note or draft your lover a sonnet, it’s more appreciated than you may realise!

Until next time…



Trialling “The Little Black Book”

Good Morning Everyone!

So, I succumbed to the charms of the Moleskine Notebook.

Traveler’s Notebook and Filofax users, please don’t be disheartened – I haven’t left you! I’m just trying new ways to streamline things.  See, this is the problem.  I want EVERYTHING together – my calendar, my bills information, my cash envelope system, a place to keep receipts, my passwords, my cards, my notes, my spending tracker… it’s proving to be rather difficult!

The Midori Regular was perhaps the closest I could get to what I wanted. But it was NOT streamlining at all, it was heavier, bulkier, and I couldn’t even fit my notes notebook into the elastics as it was so full!

Next was the Midori Passport – which was actually perfect… for my cash envelope system, and as a basic purse/wallet function.  But I couldn ‘t carry my notebooks with me.  I got a lot of compliments on the Passport whenever I went to stores – nobody had ever seen a purse/wallet like it.  I’d hold up the queues explaining the brand and that it was primarily used as a notebook but you could switch up the inserts and completely customise to meet your requirements.

I was browsing Pinterest for more information on the Traveler’s Notebooks and how others utilized their Traveler’s Notebooks – call me curious, but I get so many ideas from others, and I customize them to suit my needs. One thing that had been grabbing my attention for a while was this thing called a Moleskine.  Sure, I’d seen these overpriced notebooks in the likes of Paperchase, WHSmith and Waterstones, but I just couldn’t justify spending over £10 on a notebook.  Sure, they have diaries, but they also have blank, sketch, lined, dot and grid paper too.  The things some of the more creative people had done with their Moleskines had me lost for words.  There are many, many talented people out there.  I wanted in!

I thought long and hard, and came across a web page documenting how to create credit card inserts to place on a page in a Moleskine (or any other notebook). I wondered if I could do a similar thing but over 2 pages of a pocket size, to create the cash envelope system.  But I’m a very curious cat… so instead of thinking very long, I bit the bullet, jumped in my car and shot over to my local shopping centre.

I purchased my pocket blank notebook for £9.99 in Waterstones. I decided on the blank because it meant that I could use the book for anything I wanted – I could create a calendar, I could doodle, write notes, create templates, glue things in… basically I could freestyle whatever I needed to.

I had also read that the “unofficial” pen of the Moleskine was the Pilot G2, which I found in Paperchase also. In fact, I found the mini/pocket size.  I purchased a black and blue.

Getting back home, I sat at my table and looked a bit daunted at the prospect of having to completely begin from scratch.

The first thing I wanted was to put the cash envelope system to use. I cut the back of my required amount of envelopes off and left a little lip to glue onto the pages, staggering each one slightly lower until they filled the pages.

Next, I needed a pen loop. I ripped an elasticated pen loop from and old La-De-Dah scrapbook that I’d never used and pretty much just taped it into the back of the book.


I placed a 2016 year overview calendar, a pocket size printable taken from Wendaful Designs printed out and glued into the book.


Then I started working on the calendar. I decided I only wanted one for the next few months, as who knows, by the new year I might be using something else, or I may have stuck to the Moleskine, loved it so much and need a new one!

In the calendar, I wrote my monthly bills in the dates they were due to come out of my account, I wrote any social events, holiday days, days my manager was not in the office, appointments and general things to remember. I colour code highlighting these events.


After the calendar, I glued my monthly bills excel tracker in. Then I added tabs using labels that I’d got left over.  Got a sharpie marker and coloured the labels in black, then used a white gel pen to draw tiny little symbols to notify me what section is where.


After all of that, I felt that the book was a little too “serious” still, and needed to inject a bit of colour, a bit of “me” into the whole thing.

So, this is where my Pinterest and Google searches came in handy. I’m a lover of anything vintage inspired, or anything whimsical, dreamy, bohemian.  They are my favorite type of photographs I love searching for, looking at and wishing I could take a photograph just as fantastic.


I printed out a lot of photographs found mostly on google, creating photo collages and printing on normal printer paper to keep the book thin, and then cutting out and affixing to the pages using corner adhesives I’d purchased from Paperchase. I also used a photograph on the front of the notebook to give it a more personal touch.


I’m not finished with the set up yet – I need to create an template and an area for writing out my spending and tabbing out dedicated sections for that and my notes etc…

All in all, I’m really happy with the notebook so far – it’s small, it’s thin, it’s portable, it’s sleek, it looks pretty cool, it holds almost everything I need (I just need to find somewhere to hold my cards still as I’m unsure that the Moleskine will still be as neat with 10+ cards in…)

The paper feels sublime, very smooth and easy to write on – I love the cream colour of the pages, and the cover feels soft and slightly grained, very tactile! I chose the non-hard cover as I wanted the cover to be able to mould to the shape of the book and get that thumbed through, weathered appearance rather than it being rigid.

I’ve been using this system for almost a week, and while it’s early days, I get really excited when I have to pen an appointment in or take it out for “something”. The only thing I am a little more “shy” about is taking it out for my money at the cash registers.  There is every possibility that I may need to remove my envelope system back into my Mulberry purse/wallet…

The planner peace continues!

Have you ever used a Moleskine to plan/track/place notes/journal/as a purse (wallet) before?



Trying out the Passport Midori Traveler’s Notebook as a Wallet/Purse

You can watch the video of my change HERE 

And this is how I made the Cash Envelope System into my Passport Midori Traveler’s Notebook:

Firstly, I gathered supplies. Traveler’s Notebook, Insert (to use as a measuring tool), envelopes that fit your cash, glue stick, tape, pen/pencil (for marking), siscors, something to create a label (be it a marker pen, excel labels, Dynamo Label maker) and a piece of card.

Firstly, take all of your envelopes and decide how many you want to use for your cash envelope system.

Fold them all so that the flap is facing inwards.

Glue the unflapped sides together, like so:

And it will look like a booklet when finished.

Next, open out all of your flaps:

Create your labels. I used excel, placed thick boarders around each one and made sure I had everything twice:

Once cut out, I then began to create the tabs, utilising the flaps of the envelopes.

The result looked like this:

Out of card, I traced around an insert and provided it around 5mm of spine.

I also created some little secretarial pockets from the envelopes to fit on the outsides of the booklet for receipts or tickets etc.

I then added tape to the edges of the envelopes to give them strength.

Then glued the first edge of the booklet onto the card, slid the notebook through the Midori Traveler’s Notebook Middle elastic and glued the other side down.

Pulled through my zipper pocket behind the elastic and voila!

Have you used your Passport Traveler’s Notebook as a Wallet/Purse/Cash Envelope System?




Designing My Cash Envelope System in the Midori Traveler’s Notebook

Hello everyone!

After umming and ahhing and wondering about the Cash Envelope System, I took to thinking of how I would create the “booklet” to hold all of my cash.

I looked to YouTube and found this amazing video which gave me my idea of how to put my own spin on things. Here’s what I did:

Purchased lots of envelopes that just about fit a note of monetary value.

Stuck labels and sticky notes on them, the labels for designated areas that I will assign my cash to, the sticky notes to help keep a running total of what is in the envelope.


Cut card stock down to the exact size of an insert.

Stuck down the envelope to the cardstock.

Piled all on top of eachother and as per the video, worked from the middle page out to tape the opposing sides of the booklet together.


Then I binded them all together to create a booklet. Added embellishments and then cash 🙂

I’ve had to remove my blank paper notes section for this area for the moment as its looking quite thick!! 

How is your traveler’s notebook experience so far?



Midori as a Cash Envelope System?

Hello Everyone!

Well, bang goes our last Bank Holiday in the UK until Christmas! It’s all uphill from here.

I’m an Autumn Girl though, so my favourite season is almost upon us. I’m excited… I love the crunching of the leaves, the crisp air first thing in the morning, the fashion… Oh, the fashion is phenomenal… The colours, the chunky sweaters and chunky over the knee socks and boots and skinny jeans and fedoras and scarves… I’m in my element!

But anyway, I’m digressing.

Lately it been debating whether to utilise my Traveler’s Notebook as a purse (or wallet, to our American Friends 🙂 ).

*Sidenote – can you see how different the leathers are on my Traveler’s Notebooks?  Both made by Midori, my Passport was my first purchase in from Amazon 2015, and from day 1 the leather felt smooth and almost shiny.  It’s almost impossible to scratch.  Whereas my Regular is made by Midori re-branded as Traveler’s Notebook purchased from The Journal Shop in May 2016 and right from the beginning it was dull, susceptible to dinks and scratches and felt slightly rougher and less pliable than my Passport.  I thought it was an aging thing but now I’ve used my Regular daily for the last 3 months and the oils of my hands not even providing any kind of patina to the leather yet,  I think I prefer the Regular though – I love the imperfections.  Does anyone else have 2 (or more!) notebooks by Midori that have completely different looks and feels that were completely different from day 1?  I know it’s leather and it will always vary etc, but these two are completely different colours and textures etc.

Anyway, no sooner as I’d wondered whether I would be able to utilise my Traveler’s Notebook as a purse, I wondered whether it ought to be in my Passport size so that I could bring that into play once again.

So last night, after doing some digging around, I came across a great series of videos on YouTube I absolutely loved…

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
I was entranced. Amazed.  I watched the video’s a couple of times, making sense of them and wondering how I could manipulate the system to suit my needs.  I want £1000 in my Emergency Fund.  I want to pay off that pesky little Credit Card and my car.  I want to save 3-6 months expenses.  I want to invest 15% of household bills into a Pension.  I want to pay off my home early. I knew I needed this system in my life and to use it with my Traveler’s Notebook.  I’d seen photographs of tabbed envelopes on Pinterest and I’d been intrigued for some time, however I’d never really looked into it as I used my debit card way too much.

Any that’s the problem…  when I’m throwing my card around, I tend to not track it as well as I should, and before I know it, my funds are cleared out!  The lady in the video mentioned she is a tactile person and I think that I am, too.  Cash is more valuable to me than a card.

I’ve recently changed jobs and have switched from weekly back to monthly pay (thank goodness!) but although I’m feeling relieved I’m back on monthly pay, I was on weekly pay for 2 1/2 years so there is a little adjustment still going on at the moment… to be expected!  However, I love the idea of being able to work on the Dave Ramsey System.

So before I start poking around… Does anyone have any advice on using the Cash Envelope System, and rather, how you set your Traveler’s Notebook up accordingly?

Much Love!