For the love of Filofax

Good Evening!

I’ve been ill the last week – last weekend I became a human Hermit and didn’t see the world beyond my front door from 5pm Friday afternoon until 9am Monday morning.  It began with a sore throat and then ended up in my ears (which I really hate!) – but anyway, it meant that I lay on my sofa feeling sorry for myself and drinking my bodyweight in weak milky coffee and watching ‘feel good films’.  That meant Legally Blonde, Legally Blonde 2, Clueless and The House Bunny.

I noticed in Legally Blonde 2, Elle Woods uses a Filofax to organise her extremely busy lifestyle (all of those manicure appointments must be a drag 😉 lol)

As I love all things pink and Elle-Woodsy, I decided to take a look at what the big deal was about filofaxes – all I know about them is that those “Yuppy’s” used them in the eighties.

It turns out Filofaxes have been in the background for a long time with quite a lot of enthusiasts.  And oh… the inspiration I got from them  is amazing.

Armed with the idea of buying a Filofax, Tuesday evening I pottered off to my local WHSmith and Ryman Stationery store…  and came out empty handed.  I had milled around toying with the idea of buying a Personal size but I really wanted a lilac cover.  There were no lilac filofaxes to be found.

Last night I popped to a local retail park that harboured my favourite store – TK Maxx – only to find in the clearance section a lilac Filofax!  It was a bargain at £10, however it was a Pocket size rather than the Personal size I’d been looking for.

I got home all excited and looked inside… hesitated and thought to myself – now, I’ve got my organiser, what do I do with it now?  I’d been so focused on getting the Filofax that I hadn’t thought about how I would use it.  I’m not entirely sure I’m too happy with the basic diary that is provided with the organiser at the moment.  I’ll have to see how I’ll get on.  Also, I’d seen how all these wonderfully creative people online around the world had created works of art within their Filofaxes, I was worried I’d disappoint myself with my lack of creativity.

So, after 1 day of purchasing my Filofax, allow my to present the Lilac Metropol Pocket!

Anyway, once I’d sat down last night I decided I wanted to completely personalise my Filofax to my own needs etc, after scouring blogposts relating to Filofaxes (I don’t care if you think I’m a sad git!) and realising a lot of people use their Filofax to store inspiration as well as organising their lifestyle (I’m sure the inspiration is probably there to give motivation to use their Filofax and organise their life.

First thing I think I want to do is personalise my ruler.  I’ve seen a few people using that funky pretty stickytape and stickers on their existing ruler… but I want a ruler to inspire me to open my Filofax once the novelty has work off.  And I’ve decided I want this bloke as my ruler:

Many won’t remember him, but he was the musical talent behind Savage Garden; Daniel Jones.  Having Daniel Jones as a ruler would certainly inspire me to open my Filofax at least 😉  Ideally he would be in front of an Australian flag… because I love all things Australian even though I’m in England.

Since I don’t have access to a printer or a pocket sized hole punch I can’t begin doctoring this.  Instead I’ve brought a bundle of things to cheer me up; a pull out planner, some more dividers (since then I’ve decided I want to do all of my own dividers but I guess the generic Filofax ones can serve their purpose until I get around to all of the ideas in my head) and some post it’s designed specially to fit into Pocket Filofaxes.

If you know of anyone that specialises in making personalised Filofax rulers let me know!

Do you use a Filofax?  If so, how have you planned yours out?

Til next time



Moi Lolita

Last night while searching for inspiration and to take my mind off my impending cold I came across this little gem:  Moi Lolita – Alizee .  Naturally I’ve had it in my head all day long and it’s blasting into my failing ears as I type.  Am I the only one to fall in love with songs and set them to repeat every waking moment?  It’s as though I have to devour every sound.

Last night I was approached by my beautician-in-training cousin to sit in as a model for her to perfect a 1950’s Marilyn Monroe inspired make up look.  I have to say I am so excited.  I’m terrible at applying make up myself (I can barely even get to grips with liquid eyeliner!) so be able to get my make up done by an enthusiast (not to mention perfectionist) is an exciting thing for me!

Anyway, the subject I wanted to broach is “Bombshell’s”.  Those 50’s silver screen sirens that leave you feeling inspired to reach for the red lipstick, the silk negligees and the champagne glasses.  My personal favourite Bombshell’s happen to be Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.

For me, it all began back in around 2002 when I picked up a little film in the clearance section of HMV entitled ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.  At the time I was a 16 year old loving ‘Clueless’ and ‘Legally Blonde’ (see the blonde theme going here yet?), however I’d heard all about this lady named ‘Marilyn Monroe’, so I figured I ought to see what all the fuss was about.  It was the first ever 50’s film I’d sat down to watch, and I hadn’t a clue what was happening during the film so most of my first viewing was spent texting.

The film sat on my shelf and moved out of my parents with me in 2008, still misunderstood and forgotten about.  It wasn’t until I was ill with tonsillitis in summer 2008 that I dusted the DVD off and decided to sit and pay attention to the film.  Pay attention I did!  Mesmerised by the way Lorelei Lee captivated the those around her, within weeks I was strutting around in pencil skirts, capri trousers, stiletto’s and diamonds, hoping for a taste of how it felt to be a pin-up-50’s star.

Since then I’ve had a bit of a love affair with the 50’s style.  But it was around 18 months ago when I reignited my love for all things 50’s – from picking up a frothy fun book called ‘The Bombshell Manual of Style” by Laren Stover.  I devoured the book within a few hours and then began it again and again.  It remains on my bedside table even now and whenever I feel down I flip the book open and suddenly I’m transported into a world where I am the star and people around me are co-stars.


What makes you feel like a star?

Catch you later



The importance of being

Good Afternoon all

What do I do with myself now?  I stare at this blank space with an equally blank mind.  This is not me at all – while setting this page up I was sure to have about 10 topics I wanted to hit on.  Yet now as I sit here listening to Place de la Republique (Coeur de Pirate) through my huge black Sony headphones aimlessly looking out of the window onto the quiet, sunny street beyond my double glazing, I sigh, no longer holding ideas; just being, and savouring the sounds of Beatrice Martin.

I feel rather tentative, though I’m sure this blank page will eventually become my best friend.  You see, whenever I write into my diary I begin, unsure of what to write, my pen scratching over the paper unwillingly, almost. However once I get halfway though I am furiously scribbling the worlds down before I forget – all of my innermost thoughts come pouring out and there is nothing that can stop it happening – ‘the page is my best friend’ – it whispers secretly to me.

I’d like to begin by saying a warm welcome to Autumn.  This season has to be my favourite time of year.  Something eerie yet enticing about the turn in the weather.  I love it all – the bitter chill in the morning, your world bathed in ghostly shades of grey from the overcast sky, the crunch of red, gold, yellow and brown leaves beneath knee high boots.  I adore Autumn fashion – plums, charcoals, petrol blues, deeper shades that as a blonde, I can’t get away with but love regardless.  The jackets, stripy scarves, skinny jeans, long sleeved jumpers – in heavy cord, thick crochet, luxurious cashmere, gothic lace and rich crushed velvet.

Of course, I may be slightly biased for my love of Autumn as it is my Birthday season – October.  Less so lately as next month I turn 27 and if I’m honest, I’m not looking forward to it one bit!  Then comes Halloween, my favourite day of the year.  I’m not a gore fest girl, not really one to be scared out of my skin…  I’ve always wanted to host a real Halloween House Party; but not with those pathetic plastic pumpkins and paper skeletons…  I mean with wine served in gothic style chalices, stone gravestones propped in the front garden, cobwebs weaved over the wrought iron candlesticks and waiters milling around with silver trays looking as though they just arose from the grave.  The costumes would be classic Halloweenesque and the make up second to none, pallid and ghostly.

What are your plans this Halloween?  Tell me your ideas!

Until next time