Moi Lolita

Last night while searching for inspiration and to take my mind off my impending cold I came across this little gem:  Moi Lolita – Alizee .  Naturally I’ve had it in my head all day long and it’s blasting into my failing ears as I type.  Am I the only one to fall in love with songs and set them to repeat every waking moment?  It’s as though I have to devour every sound.

Last night I was approached by my beautician-in-training cousin to sit in as a model for her to perfect a 1950’s Marilyn Monroe inspired make up look.  I have to say I am so excited.  I’m terrible at applying make up myself (I can barely even get to grips with liquid eyeliner!) so be able to get my make up done by an enthusiast (not to mention perfectionist) is an exciting thing for me!

Anyway, the subject I wanted to broach is “Bombshell’s”.  Those 50’s silver screen sirens that leave you feeling inspired to reach for the red lipstick, the silk negligees and the champagne glasses.  My personal favourite Bombshell’s happen to be Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.

For me, it all began back in around 2002 when I picked up a little film in the clearance section of HMV entitled ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.  At the time I was a 16 year old loving ‘Clueless’ and ‘Legally Blonde’ (see the blonde theme going here yet?), however I’d heard all about this lady named ‘Marilyn Monroe’, so I figured I ought to see what all the fuss was about.  It was the first ever 50’s film I’d sat down to watch, and I hadn’t a clue what was happening during the film so most of my first viewing was spent texting.

The film sat on my shelf and moved out of my parents with me in 2008, still misunderstood and forgotten about.  It wasn’t until I was ill with tonsillitis in summer 2008 that I dusted the DVD off and decided to sit and pay attention to the film.  Pay attention I did!  Mesmerised by the way Lorelei Lee captivated the those around her, within weeks I was strutting around in pencil skirts, capri trousers, stiletto’s and diamonds, hoping for a taste of how it felt to be a pin-up-50’s star.

Since then I’ve had a bit of a love affair with the 50’s style.  But it was around 18 months ago when I reignited my love for all things 50’s – from picking up a frothy fun book called ‘The Bombshell Manual of Style” by Laren Stover.  I devoured the book within a few hours and then began it again and again.  It remains on my bedside table even now and whenever I feel down I flip the book open and suddenly I’m transported into a world where I am the star and people around me are co-stars.


What makes you feel like a star?

Catch you later




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