Personal Kendal Filofax Customised!

In December I applied and got a new job as a Sales Rep covering the UK for an Italian Fastener Company. As a result, my priorities changed and I needed to become super organised!

I knew my little pocket Metropol would suffer so I decided to upgrade to a personal Kendal. It’s oiled leather that feels quite “suede” like to touch. I’m lost without it!



It wasn’t enough. I longed to put my own customised stamp on it… And then found a blog somewhere (ill post the link once I find it) where someone had used stamps to personalise their tabs. AMAZING! I shot to my local garden centre that has a craft section within a couple of days and then after a theme had been decided (aUnion Jack theme, actually inspired by Filofax catalogue: the Malden “mod” theme and the Jack Vintage theme):


I chose a red, blue and antique stamp ink, as well as traditional postcard/tags from portobello road and idea-ology. I also used decorative tape (old dates and calendars – as well as the Union Jack!).  Please see below for a very small snapshot of the items used.


The result was quite pleasing, travel related, patriotic, sort of an old and bohemian feel to it.




I remember I mentioned I wanted to do something with my ruler… Well, I did, this is the result:


I think I still want a Daniel Jones Inspiration ruler, perhaps I will get a clear ruler, decorate it with an Aussie flag and pop him on it ;). Ill put it in my personal section!

How have you styled yours?


7 thoughts on “Personal Kendal Filofax Customised!

    • Thanks Laura
      I’m not much of a crafter, but I had to attempt something as I love the personal stamp put on the Filofaxes that I’ve seen online, so inspiring! Hopefully ill get better at it and start becoming a little more creative soon!
      Ideas are very very welcome in the meantime!
      Thanks for commenting and ill be sure to check out your blog!

    • Hi Printed Potal
      I’m not usually a Union Jack/British theme lover, especially with the association I always put it with (chavs, drunken British holiday people in benidorm, the football hooligans etc) however when I watched the Royal Wedding, the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics I was actually really proud to be British…!
      I also think with the shabby chic Union Jack theme becoming quite prominent and also the theme reminding me of bohemian style areas in London, I thought I would see if I could give a classic twist to the Union Jack with post card marks, letters: almost like a wartime theme. To say it’s my first attempt I am quite happy with it, which is quite odd as I’m really a perfectionist!

    • Hi Anita
      Would love to see those dividers! Thanks for the compliment on the Filo… I’m not very craft-minded so it’s great to see it’s appreciated, even at an amateur level 😉

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