Personalising Filofax Kendal

So what’s going on here?


And what’s this all about? Terrible scissor technique – the result of too many wines and an extremely late night maybe?


All will be revealed shortly 😉

I’ve been up all night sorting this out: something I should have done earlier today, but of course, I procrastinated, and the result is a 24 hour ready to crash at any minute now Kel.

I find my very small creative side kicks in about 10pm until around 3am. Things I’m too frightened to do or not sure how to do suddenly become clear and I’m then on a mission.

Unfortunately the nation doesn’t really share my thought on this therefore the things I require to get things done are generally not available to me at this crazy hour.

Like right now, I’m waiting for WHSmith to open so that I can get a couple of things to finally finish my little idea off.

Course, by the time they open ill be deep in sleep and the items I so desperately want for me to be able to complete this idea won’t seem so important during the daylight hours.

All shall be revealed once I manage to get to WHSmith and finish this little change off 🙂

Goodnight all!