Malden Inspiration

I sit in a service Station in the M1 ready to make the last 60 miles of my outbound Journey from Birmingham to Bolton for a meeting. But I’m so happy because last night I decided I’d had enough of my sticker clad “today marker”, and had a go at making my own. They’re super easy to make!

I just used 2 sheets of card (from the cardstock I purchased last week) and glued them together. Then I printed and cut out 4x “today” in the same font as my other tabs, stuck them on the front and back of my marker, laminated and punched the holes. He presto: here it is!

And here’s the back:

But then I thought it would be great to do another one for my personal section, so I can whip to it quickly, this time with a gorgeous Indian pink cardstock. As this is not a “diary” section I decided not to use the “today” headings do it was a case of just cutting out the card, gluing together, laminating and hole punching:

The marker rests on a favourite poem of mine by Carol Ann Duffy, called “before you were mine”.

Because I got so excited, I even did a marker for my friend’s Filofax (she insists she doesn’t have any artistic talent whatsoever. Me neither, but it doesn’t stop me making a fool of myself anyway lol). I ended up doing quite a few tabs for her with a “scrapbook” theme. Her Filofax is my old Pocket Metropol in lilac, so I chose the most pastel colours I could find to ensure I kept in keeping with the Filo. Ill see if I can get some photos done when I see her next.

I did make us both a lovely little photograph of us though:

And then I got stuck in to my “report tab that I’d had no idea what to do with… I had an amazing idea from a comment made in a previous post about secrets and 007 James Bond. But I just couldn’t find anything Bond related with reports, so I settled on this really boring look instead:

and there you have it!

It’s Here!

A full 6 days ahead of schedule, the Postman was knocking on my door for me to sign for a parcel. I immediately thought it was for a Furry waistcoat I’d ordered online a week ago because the parcel I saw stated Miss Selfridge, so I signed for it and the Postman started jogging things around, in the crook of his arm I noticed an unmistakable box shaped bag. Could it be? I thought I was seeing Filofax shaped boxes and then figured it must be a box to be delivered next door or something. So imagine my surprise when he passed it over to me!

Here I am, in my living room, clutching THE box, containing THE filofax I’ve been lusting after. Literally: my mouth watered at the thought of the Malden.


I don’t think I could move for a few minutes, I was a bit shocked: I had not thought it would arrive so quickly in all honesty. But here we go 🙂





And just beneath the silver veil of of filofax wrapping paper:


In the words of Rachel Zoe: “I die!”. It’s slightly darker than anticipated, but then again I’ve never seen a grey Malden in the shops before. It’s more of a Charcoal, dark grey colour. But that’s cool with me. The stitching looks silver to me.


Opening up, we have the standard Filofax card and inserts:




These must be the new font on the tabs: I’m sure the old ones were italic.
Here is the back pockets with the pen loop (non-elastic)


With all of the items removed from the Malden:


Here are my comparisons with the empty Kendal and empty Malden:

Kendal is oiled leather, rigid feel to the binder, whereas the Malden is grainy antiques leather, with a soft and malleable feel to the binder. The Malden also has a prominent and larger clasp with a “filofax” button on.

Inside, the Kendal does not lay completely flat, whereas the Malden does.

Front inside cover: Kendal boasts an elastic pen loop, Malden does not. Kendal has 3 vertical card holders and one full length pocket, all of which are rigid. Malden has 1 full length zipped compartment, 4 horizontal card holders and one full length pocket, all very floppy and malleable.

Back pockets: Kendal has mesh zipper full length pocket and another elastic pen loop. Malden has full length vertical pocket and a horizontal full length back pocket behind. The Malden has one non-elastic pen loop.

Back of binder: Kendal has a full length pocket, whereas Malden has elaborate stitching detailing for the back of the clasp.

Here’s the Malden finally set up and ready to roll!


The Malden lies flat: my life however, doesn’t… We cant have it all, can we! Sigh!


Gearing Up The The Move To The Malden – WARNING – Picture Heavy Post!

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided I really needed to finish off my tabs and my setup ready for me to move into the Malden (when it gets here… I know I only ordered it Monday but I’m so impatient…!).

In my lunch hour I hauled myself to The Range and purchased some card stock and patterned paper. I purchased:

– First Edition “Boho Chic” (like me, lol 😉 ) 8×8 card stock

– First Edition “Desert Blooms” 8×8 card stock

– Dovecraft “Super Value Designer Paper Pad” 100 sheets 25 designs 12×12 paper

Then I worked 6 hours solid on printing, cutting, arranging, colouring, laminating, trimming etc… so now finally, I only have one tab to complete once I’ve thought of some ideas… “REPORTS” – which house all of my notes from when I’ve been in meetings with customers ready to be typed up at the end of the week.

Without further ado, lets go the the first page of my Kendal to find:

The Queen Of Hearts!

AKA Cards, this tab includes my business card holders stuffed with my customers business cards in case I need them. Which I refer to. A LOT!

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl!

AKA Diary, self explanatory – I use WHSmith day per page with appointment times to enable me to book my customer appointments and plan my day effectively. They also have small notes at the bottom so things I need to get done that day are usually added there. At the very front of my diary I have a pull out Filofax year planner – all of my holidays and monthly bills are written in there so I can see at a glance what’s happening. All guarded by the professional herself 😉 Belle!

Airmail Envelope Australia!

AKA Address – web addresses, usernames & coded passwords are here

A-Z finished!

Baker St – Gerry Rafferty

Call Me – Blondie
Electric Avenue – Eddie Grant
Hanging On The Telephone – Blondie
Ill Communication – Beastie Boys
London Calling – The Clash
No Phone – Cake
Penny Lane – The Beatles
Road To Nowhere – Talking Heads

Telephone Thing – The Fall

Union City Blue – Blondie (I love Blondie!)

Where The Streets Have No Name – U2
You Can Talk To Me – The Seahorses

AKA Reports… which I need help with – help…?

Australian 5 Dollar Bill!

AKA Expenses, please see second photograph which is the same bill, but it’s actually a laminated pocket so that I can stuff my fuel and lunch receipts in 🙂


It’s All About Me!

AKA Information – I know, I know, it looks like I’m a little vain… really, I’m not – but I really don’t know what else to put here…. ideas please? This holds my vital info, as well as the generic Filofax conversion tables and holidays etc…


AKA Travel – a bit of a hippy printout I found online and HAD to use it… it holds my map of the British Isles, which has helped me out a little when my Sat Nav decided to die on me and I had to navigate myself from Kent back to Birmingham…!

Musical Notes!

AKA Notes – houses WHSmith ruled paper for jotting down all important things that have no relevance elsewhere.

Swirly Flowers!

AKA Inspiration – anything that inspires me, quotes, poems, a magazine cutout, people… it’s all in here! Could possibly do with a pocket to collect things in here… Hmmm.

70’s Flowers!

AKA Missy. Sigh… how to explain this one – you know the “perfect person” you strive to become? Well, I’ve named that “person” in my head “Missy”. The only way I can describe it is, when I was 3 stone heavier last year, to keep me going on my weight loss plan I had these ideas in my head of the end result, how I would feel, how I would look, how I wanted to be perceived, I knew I was due to be made redundant so a lot of it also focused on the type of role I wanted to be in… I guess it’s like a Goals Section, thinking about it now. All my aspirations will be in here, and the second photo shows the little pocket to collect clippings or ideas along the way.


Oh yeah, do you remember how I said I wanted this guy as my ruler? Daniel Jones

WELL… I’ve been looking around and LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of “Japan Corner” ‘s see-through dividers… ( So I had a little attempt on my Mac using Seahorse (which is a nightmare to use if you’re a bit dim like me haha!)… it’s not great, and I’ll probably have to do a few more before I’m happy with the result, but yippee – I finally incorporated Daniel Jones (who is waving at me whenever I open my Filo, talk about an incentive to organise haha!) and the Australian Flag into a pull out divider – it’s also got a top tab saying “It’s A Beautiful Day” on it. To make me smile :). It’s not flat which isn’t great, I’ve heard of ironing laminated pieces but I’m a bit nervous about t

And there you have it! Hope you’ve enjoyed the whirlwind tour… just gotta get it into the Malden once it arrives… hurry up Amazon!

Take Care 🙂



I’ve only gone and ordered a Malden!

Oh gosh… I’ve only gone and pressed the “order” button on amazon for a Personal Grey Malden. What am I thinking?!

Well, for starters, I don’t know! I love my Kendal very much, it’s a wonderful filofax… But there’s something about the Malden that’s pulling me to it. Since my Kendal has got fatter, I noticed a few of my tabs getting trapped by the stitching of the mesh area at the back: see photo below:


Also the front pockets although they’re adequate, I like the look of the Maldens horizontal card slots. My Kendal’s card slots are a little difficult:


So when I found out they were discontinuing the grey Malden (and it’s £34.99 in Amazon!) I knew I would find this colour to be the one I want – it matches my purse ;). Not only that, but I find that even though it looks casual and relaxed, the grey also looks smart enough for business usage with a twist. I’ve also heard that due to the finish, the Ochre Malden scratches easier than the other colours so I was out off by this.

The Malden, to me, *sigh* is like “THE” Filofax (am I right?).  Everyone seems to rave about it – it’s like “THE” Shoe (eg Louboutin!) or “THE” Car (eg Mini) or “THE” Phone (iPhone) – there seems to be a brand built around the Malden the same way there is about the Louboutin, Mini and iPhone.  I know I’m probably talking nonsense, but when you’re on a 2 hour journey to Peterborough with nobody to entertain you, you get to thinking…  it made sense at the time anyway 😉

And think of all those new tabs I can find ‘decorative’ use for…! 😉

What do you like about the Malden and why? And my internal debate continues: Malden or Kendal? Most say there is no comparison… However I have found the Kendal to work very well for me…

Your thoughts please!