I’ve only gone and ordered a Malden!

Oh gosh… I’ve only gone and pressed the “order” button on amazon for a Personal Grey Malden. What am I thinking?!

Well, for starters, I don’t know! I love my Kendal very much, it’s a wonderful filofax… But there’s something about the Malden that’s pulling me to it. Since my Kendal has got fatter, I noticed a few of my tabs getting trapped by the stitching of the mesh area at the back: see photo below:


Also the front pockets although they’re adequate, I like the look of the Maldens horizontal card slots. My Kendal’s card slots are a little difficult:


So when I found out they were discontinuing the grey Malden (and it’s £34.99 in Amazon!) I knew I would find this colour to be the one I want – it matches my purse ;). Not only that, but I find that even though it looks casual and relaxed, the grey also looks smart enough for business usage with a twist. I’ve also heard that due to the finish, the Ochre Malden scratches easier than the other colours so I was out off by this.

The Malden, to me, *sigh* is like “THE” Filofax (am I right?).  Everyone seems to rave about it – it’s like “THE” Shoe (eg Louboutin!) or “THE” Car (eg Mini) or “THE” Phone (iPhone) – there seems to be a brand built around the Malden the same way there is about the Louboutin, Mini and iPhone.  I know I’m probably talking nonsense, but when you’re on a 2 hour journey to Peterborough with nobody to entertain you, you get to thinking…  it made sense at the time anyway 😉

And think of all those new tabs I can find ‘decorative’ use for…! 😉

What do you like about the Malden and why? And my internal debate continues: Malden or Kendal? Most say there is no comparison… However I have found the Kendal to work very well for me…

Your thoughts please!




8 thoughts on “I’ve only gone and ordered a Malden!

  1. The Malden looks so classic! The only reason why I don’t own one is the price and they don’t come in black, I personally think if I was going to have something ‘classic’ looking it should be in black 🙂

    • Hi Rochelle!

      I agree it cools so classic, I’m a bit of a vintage girl to heart so it reflects my personality perfectly :). I am so excited, can’t wait for it to arrive!

      I actually thought the grey Malden was quite cheap at £34.99, obviously they’re selling them off due to it no longer being available.

      With regards to a black Malden, I’ve seen one on Amazon, but it’s £60 odd quid :S http://amazon.co.uk/dp/B004GKAFX2

      Which Filo do you own and what do you like about it?

      Take care Chick!



      • You nabbed a bargin there! However in australia that works out to be $80! Which I still rather cheap for a filofazx that is leather, however collins make binders in leather that cheap and are much more easy to find inserts for.

        I would love a black one, just not prepared to pay thar much in conversion and in shipping.

        i own 3 filofaxes *gasp* a blue metropol in personal, an a5 finsbury in antique rose (current binder and by far my fave)and aan adelphi slimline binder, I use this with my a5 for the days where I lug a million text books with me to uni.


      • Oooohhh, you’re from Australia… I really really really want to go there! I do love all things Aussie (especially that accent!!) such a cool accent!

        Strange how Filofax maybe isn’t as popular as Collins over there, personally I’ve never seen many Collins binders or inserts over here, but I’m near Birmingham and not London, so it may be limited up here!

        I love the sound of the Adelphi, I’ve read some really good reviews on that and the Finsbury, but for me, the Malden just has this brand name attached to it in my eyes, weird, huh?


  2. I’m a Malden lover. I have it in personal in Ochre and pocket in Pink. Mine is soft and floppy and fat and stuffed. It also seems to hold the most, and still snap shit, of all the Filos I have. I’ve been considering getting one in another color, I love it that much. I’m sure you’ll love yours too.

    • Oh you’re making me so excited! I love it when they’re fat and stuffed haha, is it pathetic to love organisation and stationery so much?! I’d love to see your setup 🙂

      Take care!


  3. I love my Malden…. I have it in Crimson in both personal and pocket depending on bag and set up. It looks good and the internal pockets are so useful, good enough to handle most necessities of life. I keep thinking of having an affair….. but I keep coming back. My dream is an A5 crimson.

    • I’ve looked at the A5’s but they all seem to look far too big for me… I suppose when your first Filo was a pocket size, everything seems a lot bigger lol. I think my personal is big enough to carry around 😉 although, sometimes I wish I had an A5 purely due to the ease of printing new pages ;).

      Have you personalised yours?


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