It’s Here!

A full 6 days ahead of schedule, the Postman was knocking on my door for me to sign for a parcel. I immediately thought it was for a Furry waistcoat I’d ordered online a week ago because the parcel I saw stated Miss Selfridge, so I signed for it and the Postman started jogging things around, in the crook of his arm I noticed an unmistakable box shaped bag. Could it be? I thought I was seeing Filofax shaped boxes and then figured it must be a box to be delivered next door or something. So imagine my surprise when he passed it over to me!

Here I am, in my living room, clutching THE box, containing THE filofax I’ve been lusting after. Literally: my mouth watered at the thought of the Malden.


I don’t think I could move for a few minutes, I was a bit shocked: I had not thought it would arrive so quickly in all honesty. But here we go 🙂





And just beneath the silver veil of of filofax wrapping paper:


In the words of Rachel Zoe: “I die!”. It’s slightly darker than anticipated, but then again I’ve never seen a grey Malden in the shops before. It’s more of a Charcoal, dark grey colour. But that’s cool with me. The stitching looks silver to me.


Opening up, we have the standard Filofax card and inserts:




These must be the new font on the tabs: I’m sure the old ones were italic.
Here is the back pockets with the pen loop (non-elastic)


With all of the items removed from the Malden:


Here are my comparisons with the empty Kendal and empty Malden:

Kendal is oiled leather, rigid feel to the binder, whereas the Malden is grainy antiques leather, with a soft and malleable feel to the binder. The Malden also has a prominent and larger clasp with a “filofax” button on.

Inside, the Kendal does not lay completely flat, whereas the Malden does.

Front inside cover: Kendal boasts an elastic pen loop, Malden does not. Kendal has 3 vertical card holders and one full length pocket, all of which are rigid. Malden has 1 full length zipped compartment, 4 horizontal card holders and one full length pocket, all very floppy and malleable.

Back pockets: Kendal has mesh zipper full length pocket and another elastic pen loop. Malden has full length vertical pocket and a horizontal full length back pocket behind. The Malden has one non-elastic pen loop.

Back of binder: Kendal has a full length pocket, whereas Malden has elaborate stitching detailing for the back of the clasp.

Here’s the Malden finally set up and ready to roll!


The Malden lies flat: my life however, doesn’t… We cant have it all, can we! Sigh!



3 thoughts on “It’s Here!

    • Wow 2 Maldens? I wouldn’t know which one to use, I’d probably end up changing them over 3-4 times a day haha! You’re so lucky!

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