Malden Inspiration

I sit in a service Station in the M1 ready to make the last 60 miles of my outbound Journey from Birmingham to Bolton for a meeting. But I’m so happy because last night I decided I’d had enough of my sticker clad “today marker”, and had a go at making my own. They’re super easy to make!

I just used 2 sheets of card (from the cardstock I purchased last week) and glued them together. Then I printed and cut out 4x “today” in the same font as my other tabs, stuck them on the front and back of my marker, laminated and punched the holes. He presto: here it is!

And here’s the back:

But then I thought it would be great to do another one for my personal section, so I can whip to it quickly, this time with a gorgeous Indian pink cardstock. As this is not a “diary” section I decided not to use the “today” headings do it was a case of just cutting out the card, gluing together, laminating and hole punching:

The marker rests on a favourite poem of mine by Carol Ann Duffy, called “before you were mine”.

Because I got so excited, I even did a marker for my friend’s Filofax (she insists she doesn’t have any artistic talent whatsoever. Me neither, but it doesn’t stop me making a fool of myself anyway lol). I ended up doing quite a few tabs for her with a “scrapbook” theme. Her Filofax is my old Pocket Metropol in lilac, so I chose the most pastel colours I could find to ensure I kept in keeping with the Filo. Ill see if I can get some photos done when I see her next.

I did make us both a lovely little photograph of us though:

And then I got stuck in to my “report tab that I’d had no idea what to do with… I had an amazing idea from a comment made in a previous post about secrets and 007 James Bond. But I just couldn’t find anything Bond related with reports, so I settled on this really boring look instead:

and there you have it!


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