“Today” Bookmarks for Malden

Monday I was on the south coast at Christchurch and Poole in Dorset. What turned out to be a very early morning for me (6am on the road, yaaawn) turned into some inspiration in the end.

During my lunch I decided to stop off on the seafront of Boscombe Beach, as I don’t get to see the sea all that often. I sat, looking longingly out to sea (I find the sea as enticing as I do terrifying) and planning my next stop in my Filofax… When I thought “imagine if I had a summery, beachy today bookmark to remind me of the seaside?”. I already decided I needed 3 bookmarks (diary, reports and personal). So when I got home Tuesday evening I delved straight into it… Printing and cutting out a piece of driftwood pattern, then finding little beachy photographs, resizing, cutting and sticking like so:



While I was at Boscombe Beach I purchased a postcard, which I also morphed into a bookmark:



I am feeling quite summery now: bring it on!