Filofax Inserts


The last few night’s I’ve spent slaving over my friends Filofax attempting to make dividers with floating tabs for her.  Her Filofax is basic, no modifications, no creativity bits and bobs – standard week on 2 pages, to do lists, notes, addresses, jobs a good’un.  When she purchased her Personal Identity for work she told me it was her intention to keep it plain, simple… and then after seeing my latest dividers I she came to me as a convert – she wanted pretty dividers too!

That’s for another post (once I’ve completed them…) but anyway, looking through her standard Filofax I thought “we really need to spruce this up already!” and ended up on the gorgeous Lime Tree Fruits site (which I love, love, love!) and began the task of printing loads of those beautiful inserts that Raine has lovingly created for the world.

As I was printing, I figured “There’s no reason I shouldn’t do a few prints for myself also…” and I whipped out my pink notepaper in excitement.  While admittedly the white paper showed Raine’s beautiful water colours off a lot better, I’m still so ecstatic with the results.


Here I decided to use Raine’s “I can only tell it to my filofax” insert as a new tab.  I wanted it near (before) the actual Diary section as a “Month Planner” – easily accessible.  True to my “girly style”, I added a bit of washi-tape and a couple of stickers/sparkly gems and then affixed a tab to the top of the divider.  Laminated, hole-punched and there you have it!Image


Whilst on Raine’s Page, I came across the Goddess Circle Life Workbook – which I HAD to buy and print out.  As Raine noted in her blog, the pages don’t quite fit on the Personal paper all too well…  but I HAD to print them out anyway – I just HAD to 😉

ImageThe front page of the workbook I’ve decorated in my own little style, added a tab and laminated.

ImageOne of the many beautiful pages in the workbook I’ve been working through diligently since last night!  Shame it doesn’t fill the whole personal page though 😦

If you pop by here Raine, I would love to express my gratitude to you for your lovely watercolours – please please please do more and more and more!  They’re gorgeous!

Now I’m off to see if I can find someone that does a pretty version of a “day per page with appointment times” as my WHSmith version isn’t really exciting me anymore 😦  Raine… Please help!

Lots of love



Brand New Customised Dividers!


Welcome to part two of tonight’s two part show…!  Ahem.

I’m really anxious and excited to show you the results of 3 nights work slaving away on my living room floor surrounded by pink pages, ideas, sticky sparkly gems and girly embellishments…!  On a personal level, I feel exhausted from trying to get out this burst of basic “creativity” that surged forward recently.  Trust me, it is a godsend, but it’s also tiring!

As you know, I got bored with the setup of my Malden and found it to be too erm… well… not girly enough for my renewed love of pink thanks to watching my Heroine of the Modern Day:  Ms Woods.

I got bored with my very basic “picture on a pre-made tab” and be done with it – I wanted something that looked interesting, creative almost, pretty and visually exciting.  Oh, and the final reason (and should be most important but I forgot until now… oops), there were far too many tabs, too much information that didn’t need to be in there and generally… it was looking too stuffed full of things I didn’t really need.

As you know from my previous posts, I removed my business cards completely…  but I also removed the “information” tab, “notes” tab, “inspiration” tab and the “A-Z” tabs.  I have a heck of a lot of space left over!  My Malden is now a Skinny Minx and itching for more information…

Anyway… without further ado… here are the new tabs:

Image 12Image 17Image 10Image 8Image 14Image 11Image 13Image 9


And here is the new “today” bookmark:



Image 20Image 16

Now, now that the initial photographs are up… I must show you what a grand job my laminator did of mucking up 2 of my hard worked on creations….  I admit, it’s all my fault though… I shouldn’t have gone so mad with the gems…!

The below photograph was of the front page to the diary showing the Organiser Number.  On it featured an old fashioned showbiz mirror, and all the lights were made of clear gems.  The laminator decided it would be ace to drag them away from their positions and um… halfway down the page at random.  It also ate into the lace dollie and pulled it into one heck of a weird shape 😦



Image 7

The only other problem I had was when I put 3 tabs in together to be laminated on an A4 laminating page… one of the larger gems got dragged off the original divider altogether, and ended up distorting this one 😦


Image 15

Apart from those 2 issues (which will be corrected when I get my steam back…!) I’m loving, loving, loving my new ‘look’!  Here is how it looks in the filo :).  The floating tabs seem to have come out really well and are visible at-a-glance, which I’m really pleased about.



With all of that done, I think I can now rest peacefully until the next “surge” 😉

Have you ramped your filo lately?




How I Make My Dividers

Hi everyone!

Today I did a bit of shopping in the craft corner of a local garden centre to give me more girly-pink ideas for my upcoming new dividers and system.  I ended up travelling to hobbycraft as well…!


Just a bit of pink to add to my growing collection…!  The beachy styles at the top are for my scrapbook I fully intend on making when I get home from Tenerife in a few weeks time.

Anyway, I wanted to share how I make my dividers.  I have 2 posts coming out today, the second one will show all of my dividers completed and in use as of about 1 hour ago ;).

First of all, I mentioned a post or so ago that the vision behind the change is focusing on the “lady” that I have drawings of.  She will feature on all of my attempted designs ;).  So anyway, with that in mind, I think of how best I can showcase the drawing.

The one I’m going to show you was very quickly made and not a lot of detail went into this one as opposed to some of them, but hey ho… here we go!

First of all, I chose the appropriate style background paper (like card stock, but paper instead) and cut to size.  For me and what I need it for, it doesn’t need to be completely straight, it doesn’t need to be a certain size, just however I feel works for me:


I cut and stick into place (usually slightly on an angle, I don’t require things to be perfectly straight!).  Then I line up my drawing where I want, cut and stick again:


I created a frame made of of scrap paper and added little embellishment to finish off.

Then I sprinkled on a little “interest” – a cutout saying “summer days” and an adhesive dollie boarder down the one side to give texture.  I added a bit of sparkle and another little flower embellishment near the bottom of the “eiffel tower”.


And that’s my method…!  Once I complete all of the dividers, I then run them all though the laminator and cut to size, hole punch and away I go!  It just takes so much time!

Now I’m going to work on my next post which should be completed this evening also…  I’m WIRED!  So excited to show off and use my new dividers… I know I’m pathetic but I have worked 3 days on these and I’m rather proud of them haha!



Think Pink!

Oh Dear…  I’ve been a very naughty girl…!  Read on to see why…

Last night I made it my mission this evening to source some unruled pink filofax paper.  Oh… I did alright :).  I brought 3 lots of batches from the WHSmith range because it is a salmon pink rather than the baby pink I’d noticed in the filofax range.  I thought it would match quite well with the little tabs I told you about last night that I’d printed out.  



I even got another Uniball Phantom, this time in pink.  My idea is to use my blue refills in it and nobody will be any of the wiser 😉

Once I’d torn myself out of WHSmith I remembered that I’d wanted to get a business card holder, after all that was the reason my Malden was so stuffed in the first place!  So I popped into Ryman and looked at the Collins Luxury business holders… and I kept thinking “It’s such a shame how much I’ve spent on Filofax business card wallets…  so I toddled around to the Filofax area and kept looking at the hot pink breast cancer personal Filofax… in my head my mind was saying “you know it makes sense… go on… go on… go onnnnn!” 

So I brought it for the sole purpose of storing my business cards A-Z using the lovely pink A-Z cards.  I know… I must be mad, right?  



I mean, it’s not real leather or anything, but I think it’s actually quite cute.  I remember the reason I didn’t have a vintage pink malden was because I thought I would get annoyed with how ‘girly’ the colour was (my mood varies from day to day you see…  some days I can feel very glamour-puss, others I feel very tom-boy-ish) and also I wanted it to blend in with my professional work so I decided on the grey.  Looking at this hot pink creation now though, I don’t think I could ever tire of pink…  I LOVE pink!



Opening up, you see the Breast Cancer campaign files and underneath, the general Filofax inserts.  One thing I did want to point out is the lack of “www” inserts, “business card wallet” inserts, “general Filofax tabs” (Diary, Finances, Contacts etc) inserts – they have numbered tabs instead… um…  there were only 2 sheets of to-do pages.


Here’s what it did come with though – a shedload of unruled pink paper…!!!


Now, lets continue the mammoth task of removing and sorting out those cards and re-vamping my Malden – a woman’s work is never done 😉

Until next time





Yes, I got bored with my Malden look…!

I’m not sure whether it is the summer influence, the new decor of my flat or the fact I’ve just watched a hell of a lot of pink (Legally Blonde)… but the girly glamorous side to me is dying to be unleashed!

Today I looked upon my beloved Malden and decided it was:

1) too bulky


2) not feminine enough for my liking

I got to thinking – “how can I express my femininity using my Filofax? How can I lighten this up? What would Elle Woods do?” Haha!

First of all, I took stock of what I REALLY needed in there. I mean REALLY needed. Like… how bulky is the business card section? I know I need my cards and all, and I do access them quite often, but surely, couldn’t I transfer the detail into my address section instead? Or have a separate organiser just for my cards? The card section is so large, that it means I can only have a month of my day-per-page diary in at a time… and trying to open and close rings is a nightmare as it’s so stuffed!

20130617-011547.jpg 20130617-011601.jpg 20130617-011612.jpg 20130617-011628.jpg

Out came my trusty creative bits and pieces, and armed with my mug of coffee (yeah, that’s a Savage Garden mug you see there in the picture…), I began turning the rather basic creative cogs in my mind. Let’s be honest here, I only started getting to grips with the whole creativity thing the end of last year, I’m by far the least creative soul on the planet…!


I looked at the kind of ideas I’d put together for my bestie for her pocket Filo (before she quickly upgraded to a personal) and I loved the “scrapbook” type theme I had going… so I thought I might get a few bits of inspiration from that…


By the way, the photo on the diary is a polaroid printout of my bestie – isn’t she a beaut!

Taking the idea of the pretty font due to be used on my mates tabs as you saw on the above photographs, I decided I’d like some Elle Woods inspiration and go for a pink tab and a dark violet font colour. I went one further and scanned, printed and cut out an inspirational “lady” to be the theme of my Tabs. You’ll see her in various designs (once I’ve managed to stretch the hours out longer, there just isn’t enough time to do everything I want to do. Does anyone else think that once they start messing around, time shoots by and all of a sudden 8 hours have passed by and you’ve succeeded in one thing only?) anyway, here’s the photograph of the tab design and my theme lady:


Before I started work on my tabs, I realised I wanted pink tabs…! More pink! Pink is the new black, pink is the word etc etc… I’m going pinksane! The way I wanted to do it was to use pink coloured Filofax paper, however… this little lady thought it would be a great idea to auction off all of her coloured paper months ago as she thought she would never have any use for it, and liked all of the pages to be white… proves it’s certainly a lady’s perogative to change her mind…! Tomorrow I SHALL get some.

But anyway – I really wanted to do SOMETHING! I was wired and inspired! I decided printing out bits and bobs ready for when I could do more would help. It didn’t. I ended up part making a bookmark (which needs to be laminated and then hole punched but I want to wait for a couple of bits and bobs that require laminating in order to complete it):


And then, after 8 hours of internet searching for appropriate possible background ideas, this is my result so far… and yep, that’s the back of the bookmark I made today too that you can see near the “Dior” printout.


Feels like I have a very long way to go to get to where I want to get to… but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end… After all, re-vamping has always been my favourite part!

Have you changed your Filofax tabs lately? What inspired you, and why?

Much love