Think Pink!

Oh Dear…  I’ve been a very naughty girl…!  Read on to see why…

Last night I made it my mission this evening to source some unruled pink filofax paper.  Oh… I did alright :).  I brought 3 lots of batches from the WHSmith range because it is a salmon pink rather than the baby pink I’d noticed in the filofax range.  I thought it would match quite well with the little tabs I told you about last night that I’d printed out.  



I even got another Uniball Phantom, this time in pink.  My idea is to use my blue refills in it and nobody will be any of the wiser 😉

Once I’d torn myself out of WHSmith I remembered that I’d wanted to get a business card holder, after all that was the reason my Malden was so stuffed in the first place!  So I popped into Ryman and looked at the Collins Luxury business holders… and I kept thinking “It’s such a shame how much I’ve spent on Filofax business card wallets…  so I toddled around to the Filofax area and kept looking at the hot pink breast cancer personal Filofax… in my head my mind was saying “you know it makes sense… go on… go on… go onnnnn!” 

So I brought it for the sole purpose of storing my business cards A-Z using the lovely pink A-Z cards.  I know… I must be mad, right?  



I mean, it’s not real leather or anything, but I think it’s actually quite cute.  I remember the reason I didn’t have a vintage pink malden was because I thought I would get annoyed with how ‘girly’ the colour was (my mood varies from day to day you see…  some days I can feel very glamour-puss, others I feel very tom-boy-ish) and also I wanted it to blend in with my professional work so I decided on the grey.  Looking at this hot pink creation now though, I don’t think I could ever tire of pink…  I LOVE pink!



Opening up, you see the Breast Cancer campaign files and underneath, the general Filofax inserts.  One thing I did want to point out is the lack of “www” inserts, “business card wallet” inserts, “general Filofax tabs” (Diary, Finances, Contacts etc) inserts – they have numbered tabs instead… um…  there were only 2 sheets of to-do pages.


Here’s what it did come with though – a shedload of unruled pink paper…!!!


Now, lets continue the mammoth task of removing and sorting out those cards and re-vamping my Malden – a woman’s work is never done 😉

Until next time






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