Filofax Inserts


The last few night’s I’ve spent slaving over my friends Filofax attempting to make dividers with floating tabs for her.  Her Filofax is basic, no modifications, no creativity bits and bobs – standard week on 2 pages, to do lists, notes, addresses, jobs a good’un.  When she purchased her Personal Identity for work she told me it was her intention to keep it plain, simple… and then after seeing my latest dividers I she came to me as a convert – she wanted pretty dividers too!

That’s for another post (once I’ve completed them…) but anyway, looking through her standard Filofax I thought “we really need to spruce this up already!” and ended up on the gorgeous Lime Tree Fruits site (which I love, love, love!) and began the task of printing loads of those beautiful inserts that Raine has lovingly created for the world.

As I was printing, I figured “There’s no reason I shouldn’t do a few prints for myself also…” and I whipped out my pink notepaper in excitement.  While admittedly the white paper showed Raine’s beautiful water colours off a lot better, I’m still so ecstatic with the results.


Here I decided to use Raine’s “I can only tell it to my filofax” insert as a new tab.  I wanted it near (before) the actual Diary section as a “Month Planner” – easily accessible.  True to my “girly style”, I added a bit of washi-tape and a couple of stickers/sparkly gems and then affixed a tab to the top of the divider.  Laminated, hole-punched and there you have it!Image


Whilst on Raine’s Page, I came across the Goddess Circle Life Workbook – which I HAD to buy and print out.  As Raine noted in her blog, the pages don’t quite fit on the Personal paper all too well…  but I HAD to print them out anyway – I just HAD to 😉

ImageThe front page of the workbook I’ve decorated in my own little style, added a tab and laminated.

ImageOne of the many beautiful pages in the workbook I’ve been working through diligently since last night!  Shame it doesn’t fill the whole personal page though 😦

If you pop by here Raine, I would love to express my gratitude to you for your lovely watercolours – please please please do more and more and more!  They’re gorgeous!

Now I’m off to see if I can find someone that does a pretty version of a “day per page with appointment times” as my WHSmith version isn’t really exciting me anymore 😦  Raine… Please help!

Lots of love




2 thoughts on “Filofax Inserts

  1. oh my gawd Keliiii! I love your post! Thank you for printing my artwork! Love when it is put to good use!
    Do you have an A5? Leonie’s workbooks print perfect and look gorgeous on A5s 😉

    • I’m so glad you like the way I’m using your fab inserts! I wish I knew how to do them, I’m nowhere near as creative (sigh).

      I don’t have an A5, I kind of want everything all together – moving to an A5 would mean backtracking a lot of hard work for me and I’ve read they’re not as portable? Looks like I’ll have to suffer with the squished up pages 😦 they are beautiful nonetheless!

      Please please please think about conjuring your beautiful designs into addresses and passwords and day per page diaries etc 🙂 they would be amazing and I know everyone would want them even if you were selling the designs 🙂 I would be first in line!


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