The Filo goes to Tenerife!

Hola from sunny Tenerife!

Today I am writing this from the poolside of my hotel after taking a few days for myself and to bake myself bronze. Admittedly, I’m hellbent on ensuring that I have such a glorious tan to take home with me that I’ve forgotten my wonderful Filofax and my plans ahead!

Not sure about you, but whenever I’m on holiday I can’t think of anything past my holiday, when in fact when I get home on Friday I actually have a massive closure party in a Birmingham hotel to attend… And this Cinderella has nothing to wear to the ball!

On the plus side though, I shall be tanned and a bit slimmer (I hardly ever eat on holiday, I just fill up on Piña Colada’s!)

Normal service with the Malden shall continue soon once I’ve returned to the UK… I promise!

I shall leave you now with a photo of a view from my vantage point 🙂

Toodles, I’m late for my next piña Colada instalment 😉



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