Advice wanted on how to create my own Filofax Diary Inserts

Hi everyone

For a long time I’ve been wanting to do my own Filofax inserts. I mean I’ve done a couple but… They’re so boring and I’m such a visual person.

My current diary is the day per page with appointment times from WHSmith.

But I want more. I need something visually attractive so that I feel inspired each time I write in there… You know?

I loved Raine’s wonderful day planner (limetreefruits daily planner), especially the appointment times extended hours and the page broken up to different sections. SUCH a neat idea. I printed some out (I’m a huge fan of her beautiful watercolours) and tried to use them…

But in the back of my mind more than anything, I knew I wanted my own diary inserts: with dates And times in my own font that has been used throughout my filofax… and sections that I would use and my own funky borders even an area to put pictures on each page: maybe even those drawings that are all over my dividers.

I wanted to do the same with address pages and password pages etc… But I have seriously no idea where to start, and what to do…

To give you a bit of background: I’m a lousy drawer and painter. I am terrible at using Photoshop or Seahorse or any other editing software. Top it off, I’m using a MacBook (yeah, I know they’re supposed to be for creativity but I’m really at a loss how they’re used that way haha!) and I have a Canon MG series printer that I print onto plain Filofax personal paper.

Does anyone have any really good advice? Could someone guide me to a tutorial or something I could follow?

Thanks everyone 🙂




2 thoughts on “Advice wanted on how to create my own Filofax Diary Inserts

  1. Take a look at the diary inserts pages on Philofaxy, scroll down and there are video tutorials there. Down load some of our files and have a play with them to make them look like you want them to.

    • Thanks Steve!

      I will take a look at the tutorials this weekend when I’m not knackered out from my crazy week! Talk about a full first week back: I think I need another holiday already!

      It’s always nice to receive advice from the Guru of Filofaxes 😉 I’ll be sure to share how I get on as soon as I produce something half decent!

      Thanks again!



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