Filofax Peeps… My Apologies

Good Morning!

Apologies for not updating you sooner, I meant to do a post on the Malden vs the Osterley however things have rocked up in the last week: nameably someone I had been dating in April and then he poofed into thin air.

Imagine my surprise when, on a quiet Saturday night in when I had just resigned myself to a night of reorganising and clearing out my MacBook that I would see that heart-wrenching name that I’d pulled a sticky plaster over, bottling all those feelings up and only ever allowing myself to think of them in my darkest times.

I had a crush on him since I was 14/15, and we never really spoke and went our different ways until this year, when we both found eachother and started dating. But our happiness was short lived due to his ex girlfriend being jealous etc. He retreated into his man-cave, and only emerged Saturday night: 4 months later.

So after having a chat and a very grown up catch up, here it is again: the great fat silence that has filled the air again.

As a result I’m constantly checking my phone, my Facebook, my whatsapp… Is this the way things are supposed to be? Short moments of happiness and prolonged pain in between?

I promise I’ll get back with some Filofax stuff but I’m just feeling a little… Confused and whatnot right now :/