Autumn/Winter Filofax?


In my last post I wasn’t sure of my lively, exciting orange Osterley lived up (or rather, down) to the spooky Halloween season. The more I looked at my subdued, gothy style new dividers made from the “gorguss” range, the more I figured that my poor Osterley was far too happy and joyful and… Summery… To be mournful and rather fitting with Halloween/the “gorjuss” range.

So I tried something.

I tried my inserts in my grey Malden.


Just to remind you, this is what it looked like in my Osterley:


Now I’m faced with a dilemma because I do love my Osterley soooooooo much: but I think the “gorjuss” range just complements the Malden far too much.

What do you think??!




9 thoughts on “Autumn/Winter Filofax?

  1. That’s tough! I think you should go with whichever one makes you want to use it more. I had a planner that I LOVED to look at but it never felt right using it because it was too dark and serious for me. I realize I need bright planners if I am going to use them as much as I like the look of some of the more sophisticated ones. I must say though that the setup in the malden looks awesome.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Amanda, it’s appreciated!
      You’re so right, I have a slimline black Finsbury that I haven’t got around to using yet because… well, it looks far too serious and “boring” to me. Yet I take it out of the box and wish I could use it – if only for notes or my business cards or… something!
      No doubt I’ll be begging for my Osterley soon though, I miss it far too much!

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