Filofax Week 40

Hi everyone

I had a pretty heavy social week last week. Somewhere in between date nights, girly nights and parent meets I got myself a job offer as well!

So on my to do list this morning was a pretty hefty “hand notice in” task. Lovely.

I begin my new Account Manager position on 11th November and just thinking about it makes me feel a little nervous, excited, uneasy… Everything all jumbled up!

I’m going to miss my current work colleagues… The conversations we have are pretty much top notch!

And so, without further ado, here is my week roundup:


I’m off work all this week, hurray! With me moving to a competitor, there is a slight chance that I may be placed on Garden leave also.

So this week will probably end up being a bit empty knowing my luck haha!

However… Thursday is my Birthday :/ !

Stay creative




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