Filofax Changes in the Kel Kamp

Hi Everyone!

It is now officially Autumn in my eyes. I’m wearing fleecy PJ’s, wrapping myself in blankets and curling up under duvets when I get home from work at night. I’m waking for work before the Sun even thinks about making an appearance and I’m getting home just when it’s beginning to get dark. The world is a whole lot of grey right now.

There are a few things that are happening in my life that are transitional right now for me – as my colleague has notified me at work – I am in limbo.

Firstly, I have a new job which I am due to begin on 11th November. I’m currently serving my notice at my current workplace – so I’m in limbo there. I’m nervous about beginning something new (but also excited), and I’m really sad to leave my current colleagues as they just ‘get me’… they have a lot of knowledge, advice and experience (in life and work). I know I’ll miss their opinions and very well structured advice.

The other thing is the person I’ve been seeing the last few months is moving to Australia for a year. It makes me very sad that he is leaving and as we have not known eachother long it seems that we will be going our own separate ways when he leaves on 4th November. Again, this makes my heart heavy with sadness. But we are enjoying things while we can, we will remain in touch while he travels and see where we are and how we feel when he comes back. Again – another limbo situation – he’s not gone yet, but I know he’s going, I know we will be separated etc…

A more trivial matter is that I’ll soon me changing my car from my black, boxy Hyundai i10. What to, I’m not sure. Idea’s please! Because I can’t make up my mind and make a decision (c’mon, you’ve seen how I am with Filofaxes, inserts, dividers etc…! The CHOICES…!!!), it makes me miserable therefore I feel in limbo until I have reached a decision or settled on a ‘goal’. Ultimately I’d love an old style silver Audi TT. Reality is I need something pretty newish, cheap to tax, insure and run… and something no larger than a medium hatchback. But I want something iconic, something with a bit of glamour to it. Maybe even a convertible. Ah, I don’t know.

Another thing in limbo is my own transition. This one is the hardest to explain. Lately I don’t feel very ‘me’. You could say it’s the other factors in my life that are affecting me. You could say it’s the weather, my age, call it what you want. I don’t quite know where I am at, or what I want, or why I’m feeling this way, or how to stop feeling this way. Something just feels ‘off’, or ‘missing’. So I’m currently in limbo waiting for that lightbulb moment where I get that clarity spark and everything begins moving again.

Until then, I had my lowest moment yesterday daytime so during my lunch hour I faltered and gave in to a deal on a Pink Personal Finsbury. After I panicked, had a bit of buyers remorse and felt guilt like no other, I realised that my Halloween set of dividers won’t be co-ordinating with the fun pink Finsbury, so last night I darted over to my local craft shop to buy a new set of scrapbook papers.

Naturally when I was faced with a lot of crafty bits and bobs I got carried away and purchased a few bits and bobs ready for my new addition. It’s all girly and vintage looking 😉 if you’re in the UK, you can purchase all of these from The Range.

The colours and patterns I chose were similar to the pastel throughout Legally Blonde 2 – pretty much how I would imagine Elle Wood’s pink Classic Filofax to look inside. Although, I am yet to find an “I brake for Sample Sales!” bookmark 😉


I’ve just been notified by Amazon that my Finsbury has arrived at my home (well, signed by my neighbour as I’m still here at work).  Staring at the clock and willing 5.30 to arrive.  Come on 90 minutes, do your magic!  So exciting!  I will have to do an unboxing post later on tonight now…!


Stay Creative




12 thoughts on “Filofax Changes in the Kel Kamp

  1. LOL I was going to say Mini when I saw the other comments. I have a 2005 Mini. LOVE IT!!! I want the 4 door mini. Or an Outback Subaru. Those would be my choices.

    • I had a 2005 mini one about 7 years ago. It was light blue with silver viper stripes and I loved it! But I moved out of my parents and it was so expensive to run so I had to get something cheaper.
      A Mini Cooper D has a yearly tax of just £30! So it’s a strong contender for me!

  2. I love the papers you chose and I can’t wait to see what you do with them. I’m so glad to see you go with such pretty cheery colors and patterns. As far as how you are feeling, we all go through that during periods of change and you are amidst many transitions right now. Skype is great for long distance relationships, so hang in there. Please post a lot of photos of your new planner and the things you make with the lovelies you bought for it. XX

    • Hi Cissy!
      Thanks for your post, you’re completely right in saying they are cheery. I have a newer post (with lots of photos!) on the dividers and how they look in the Finsbury now. I’m rather happy with the results.
      Skype is a great way to connect, you’re right, and he has mentioned we ought to speak on there once he is settled over there, so we will see!

  3. HI Kel,
    I just found your blog! I’m new to the Filo world 🙂 I completely understand how you feel about being in “limbo”. I just went through something similar. I feel stuck, somewhere between young adult and a legit grown up. I’ve distracted myself with my new Filofax hobby. (I should probably get to the root of my problem, but this is more fun!

    • Hi Kendall!

      Welcome to the Filofax Club – hope you enjoy it! What are you currently using? I’m a sort of newbie still with Filofax – my first one only just over a year ago. Trust me, you can become addicted!

      I also use my filofax and planning and attempting frustrating printables to distract from my limbo situation…! Are you a crafty filofaxer or…?


      • Hi Kel!
        Thanks for the welcome 🙂 I got a personal size Saffiano in Raspberry (she’s so pretty, I named her Dulce Berry). I became addicted when a friend introduced me to the Filo World and I became obsessed with finding the right binder for me and decided on the Saffiano so of course I had to have everything ready for her before she came!
        I’m using mine for planning and to kind work out my fustrations. I’ve been jotting down quotes and printing things out and adding them to my book. I told myself this will be cheaper then what therapists charge! I have some pics of her on my Instagram @justagirlatl
        I’ve started making my own chevron patterned dividers with scrapbook paper and I’m super excited about them. 🙂 Now I’m trying to talk my mother into shipping me the rest of my craft stuff that I left at home because when I moved it left a lot of it at my parents house 😦


      • Hi Kendall!

        Ill have to take a look on your Instagram, you should definitely consider building a blog on your Filofax Journey, I know I’d be really interested in following it!
        Congrats on the Raspberry Saffiano… You chose a good colour… I’m definitely a fan of the pink stuff!

  4. I’m actually considering making some vlogs on my daily vlog channel on YouTube! I have footage and my boxing and what I’ve done so far as part of my dailies so, I might re-edit those for Filofax Vlogs then do Filofax Vlogs in addition to my dailies 🙂

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