Filofax Finsbury Personal in Pink

Hi everyone!

I promised a post on the Finsbury, didn’t I?

Well, I’m sorry it’s so late, however it arrived when I was at work and my neighbour signed for it… Then he left for work until 11pm! So I waited and waited and waited… Watched some Finsbury videos on YouTube, finished off laminating my new dividers and waited some more.

Then finally he came home and I bounced out of my door pretty much the moment he stepped out of his car and waited for him to open up his home to give me my parcel.

When I got inside, I shot into my bedroom (the warmest room!) got into my PJ’s (because I would be messing around with the Finsbury for a while… Needed to be comfortable etc!) and then proceeded to unbox while taking photographs. I’m not the most patient person in the world so apologies for the rushed camera job (from my iPhone).

My parcel: squeal!


The box is a slide in-out type rather than a lidded box:


And here it is! Though, artificial light really doesn’t do much for the colour on the camera haha!



This Filofax comes with the standard Multilingual diary (2014), blank tabs, a-z tabs, Internet site inserts, to do inserts, address inserts, a business card holder insert (holds 6 cards), flyleaf, black ruler/page marker, various colour notepapers… Ummm I think that’s it. Most of these inserts I’ll watermark and give to dad as a Christmas gift.


The Finsbury did not lay flat out of the box, but as I have already worked with slimline versions of the Finsbury, I kind of expected it. I removed all of the inserts, grabbed some Valentina moisturiser and slathered it all over the leather, really working and kneading. I felt it beginning to soften up already (nowhere near the Malden however: the Finsbury is a rigid binder!

Once it was all moisturised and smelling divine, I quickly moved in using my new dividers:



I still can’t get over the odd colour this camera is showing haha!











And here is the view from the closed planner:


Here are the tab names. If there is one bit of consistency with my filofax is my set up :). So it really is my saviour and my soother in my otherwise indecisive mind. Least I’ve stuck to “something!”


And there we have it! It’s currently lying on my bedside table and it doesn’t look out of place on there or my coffee table… Or my bathroom or kitchen haha! My home is “shabby chic” and has lots of ivories, creams, pinks and purples so the Finchley goes down a treat!

Ill attempt to get a better photograph of the colour shortly: during the daylight haha!

Stay creative!




11 thoughts on “Filofax Finsbury Personal in Pink

  1. I just bought an aqua Finsbury and it’s SO rigid, never even thought of moisturising the leather so I might give it a go! Do you literally just work it in all over – does it affect the colour at all? x

    • Hi Sara!
      Moisturising doesn’t affect the rigid-ness on a Finsbury as well as it does on a Malden, but I’d say it definitely helps a little!
      I take out all of my inserts and plaster moisturiser all over the leather, inside and out, especially near the spine. Really work it into the leather.
      The colour doesn’t get affected whatsoever. I do mine as often as I can. And it doesn’t need to be a Nivea moisturiser: I use Valentina and for days later it smells divine!!
      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Hi Kel,
    I have a vintage (80’s) Winchester Personal filofax (4CLF7/8) which I use in preference to anything electronic.
    I have used a filofax ever since I was a teen growing up in Australia and I have always loved how it just seems a part of me or an extension of myself.
    Having now lived in London for over a decade, I still see it as my personal friend : ) All my thoughts and experiences get jotted in there.
    Anyway, in regard to how soft the leather is in your Finsbury, I just use a bit of beeswax to keep the shine. My filofax is a bit rigid but lays flat and is easy to write in. This is the very first time I have come across your blog Kel. I love how sweet and honest you come across and wish you all the best,


    • Hi Andrew!

      Thank you so much for writing to me, I really appreciate you taking the time out to message me.

      Growing up in Australia must have been amazing, it really is on my to-go list (in my Filofax!). I once thought about emigrating, but I have a feeling Australia wouldn’t want me! I’ll bet you miss the beautiful weather now that you’re cooped up in London (especially rainy days like these). Is your Winchester from Australia? If so, I’m sure part of you feels as though your personal friend has been with you through a huge transition.

      I completely agree when you say it feels part of yourself or an extension of you – I feel that my filofax is extremely personal (even though I’m sharing most of it on this blog – but I feel that those that want to read about filofaxes or planners respect other’s lives). I generally do not enjoy the people around me knowing how much I have the need to personalise and decorate my planner – to me, it is a very personal (and guilty) pleasure of mine that can only really be shared with other ‘planner peeps’!

      I never thought about beeswax – I thought about oil perhaps… looks like I may require a scour of amazon later on!

      Thank you for enjoying my blog – I like to write (type?) and it’s even nicer when I know there are people out there that are interested in what I have to say. As Elle Woods is told – “Sometimes an honest voice is louder than a crowd”.

      Thanks again Andrew!


  3. No worries Kel 😉

    Yes, I came from a very pretty place in the hills of Adelaide. Lots of nature, beaches, wildlife.
    I am sure that you would be more than welcomed in Australia, Kel, most people are very friendly and considerate.
    I do suffer from the lack of light here; I have to make an effort to go out which is much easier in a bright and warm country.
    I think the UK is a beautiful place and I have made many friends here. It is only the media that brings out all the negatives. I haven’t really seen many myself (apart from the traffic).
    My filofax was a hand-me-down from my Mum and originally came from a store in Knightsbridge when she was visiting relatives in the UK. I don’t know which store though, maybe Harrods. A mystery 🙂

    A filofax answers these questions for me, unlike other stuff:
    Does it deliver on its promise? YES
    Do I use it over and over? YES
    Is it valuable? YES
    Does it make me feel happy by being around? YES

    : )

    Thanks Kel, I will check up on your blog when I can.
    ‘ave a good day Mate! 😉


  4. when you order your filophax does it come with the dividers or do you order these separately, I’ve noticed some filophaxes have clear bag type pages with zips and I’d like to get some to include in mine Thanks for this lovely page

    • Hi Elizabeth – the Filofaxes usually come with a diary, address pages, to do pages, notepaper, a bookmark/today marker and dividers. Every Filofax is different.
      With regards to the zipper pouches, I’ve never known these to come with Filofaxes, however they can be purchased on Amazon or e-bay relatively cheaply. You can also get credit card and business card holders and full length unzipped pouches too.
      I sometimes like to make these things myself using a clear plastic wallet, cutting to size, taping or washi-taping the edges and hole-punching the one side to allow the pouch to fit into the Filofax.
      Hope this helps!?

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