Filofax Changes – Selling A Couple Of My Filo’s!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve sold my Malden!  There, it’s out there.  My lovely Grey is departing for the fairer shores of the USA tomorrow morning to his new home.

I’m on this whole self improvement thing and for me, it’s all about cleansing my surroundings.  I’ve sold lots of things, thrown out lots of things, and now it’s time to whittle down my Filofax Collection.  So, in addition to my Malden’s departure, I am also selling the linked Filofaxes:

My Slimline Finsbury in Black – never used perfect rings, 2013 week on one page diary and telephone contact tabs.  Comes in slide in box.  Perfect for whipping out in business meetings!


My Personal Breast Cancer Awareness Hot Pink Filofax – only used to carry contact business cards around with me whilst I was in my reps role.  No inserts or box.


And there we have it!  Feel free to take a look at the listing and place a bid 🙂

Another thing regarding Filofax, I am currently on the hunt for the PERFECT 2014 diary inserts for me.  I’m currently having some printables designed for me by Sharn of the fantastic FilofaxPrintables shop on Etsy.  Her designs are so gorgeous, I just HAD to contact her and ask her to use her “Perrrfect World” design and customise it to suit my needs.  I’m so excited to see it – and when I do, I’ll have to show it off to you 🙂

In the meantime, here is the link to Sharn’s Etsy Shop for you to drool over her beautiful designs.  Don’t forget, she is available to customise the designs to your requirements!


In other news, I had my first ever microdermabrasion session today and I love the results already!  I fully recommend pampering and treating yourself, especially when you feel low or in limbo etc.  Get yourself a sense of purpose, a catalyst, a muse, a direction, a REASON… and go for it.  Indulge, splurge, live a little, enjoy life, have a goal and work towards it using small tasks of loveliness to urge you on and make you feel amazing.

Because as L’Oreal so decadently put it – You’re Worth It.

Much Love – stay creative!




4 thoughts on “Filofax Changes – Selling A Couple Of My Filo’s!

  1. I can’t wait to see you custom inserts! Oh my blog is officially back up. I finally stopped fretting over making the layout perfect and decided to tweak as I go. I forgot how much I missed blogging 🙂 , I’m on Youtube more. 🙂

    I hope your feeling better. I know it takes time, because I was there myself not to long ago, #teamprojectkel 🙂

    • Hi Hi Kendall!
      I can’t wait either – knowing me by the time I get them I’ll have changed my mind… as you’ve seen with my Filofaxes, I’m so scatty!
      I can’t wait to sit down and read your blog and watch your video’s after I write this response to you – it’s about time!
      That’s the best thing about life and blogging and filofaxes etc, you tweak and better things over time 🙂
      I am feeling a little better thank you! Course, time is a great healer but trying to keep busy and cleanse my life (teamprojectkel!) etc is helping me slowly but surely! I’m sure I’ll be back on my feet and running again in to time at all – but until then, it’s all about the distractions Lady!

  2. Was sooo sad to see you had sold your Malden and I had just missed it by a few days. I’ve been off the radar with health issues the last two years and when I finally got up and around and decided to look for a new Filofax, the ones I am most drawn to are absolutely nowhere to be found! I have been a FC user since the early ’90’s, I still prefer their planning pages, but became enthralled with Filofax when my bother sent me one from Boston. From what I’ve read, the one he sent me – a Personal Cross Italian Leather Classic – isn’t even considered that wonderful by veteran Filofaxers, but I love it as much as any FC I’ve purchased for awhile. Now it seems I may I have the beginning of an obsession. :-/ I am pretty much a rookie with planner accessories too. I would love any tips on where to get those. Oh yes, the GillIo Firenze binders look incredible too. But I would be more more more than happy with a Malden! I’ll just keep looking and someone will part with one again. I’ve read a few of your posts and enjoy it very much.

    • Hi Lore!
      I’m so sorry you missed it! Have you checked out the Philofaxy Adspot page? There is usually a Malden or 2 floating about… They’re like a cult classic! You can still get the Malden range from Filofax themselves too, although the colours do get discontinued. Don’t give up hope :).
      For me it’s always been (I say always, but I didn’t realise the community of planners etc was so big until last year!) Filofax, I couldn’t look at another planner make oddly enough :/.
      Never settle for your 2nd best and go find your Malden: he’s out there waiting for your discovery! 🙂
      Thanks for finding my page, I hope that it gives you just that tiny edge of creativity when you finally get your hands on your Malden 🙂
      Any questions etc, I’m happy to help, just email me at and ill try my best!
      Best of luck finding your perfect PA, Lore 😉

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