Filofax: Project Kel Week 2 is Go!

Hi everyone!

Last week it was my last week at my old job as I began a new one today. Last week was also the beginning of “Project Kel”. Here is what’s happened so far:

Working on my external self last week-

(1) had a luxury facial
(2) began a course of microdermabrasion
(3) began taking Biotin
(4) started using FAST hair shampoo & conditioner
(5) tried the Tracy Anderson Workout Method
(6) had my teeth whitened

Looking at it like that, my week was pretty good! I was off to a flying start!


As you can see, Monday was a sad day for me so it was really important that I was kept busy for the rest of the week. I won’t lie, it’s been really hard and I’m still feeling very empty and lost. To make up for it I think I’ve blown a good proportion of my savings on shopping and making me feel at least 10% human!

This week it’s all about work as I begin my new job. I still have that slight limbo feeling, probably because its going to take some time to adjust and settle in.

So there we have it… Oh, and I have something yummy coming my way tomorrow that cheered me up no end last week: and boy did I need it!

I shall reveal more tomorrow 🙂

Keep plugging on Peeps…



2 thoughts on “Filofax: Project Kel Week 2 is Go!

  1. You will do fabulously at your new job! Especially with your PA 🙂 You totally reminded me that I need to use my at home Microderm Abrasion kit! I think it’s called the PMD or something. I reviewed it for my blog ages ago and I nicknamed it the “face rapist” because you can feel it after.
    Uhhh I feel like I need to do an external project Kendall. I’ve let myself go. When I actually did like the whole hair and makeup thing the other day. I was like “who’s that girl”. I need to book a weekend get away in Miami. I miss my glow (brown girls glow too).
    I’m going to play Just Dance on Wii tonight for 30mins. *writing in my Filofax*

    • My New PA should be arriving tomorrow 😉 her name is Daisy and I can’t wait to share her with you!
      Oh honestly Kendall, your zest for life and encouragement is seriously keeping me going! Thank you so much! I’m trying to keep up to date with your videos, they make me giggle lots especially when I have a “down” moment! Thanks to you I’m having less and less of them!
      Congrats on the new home bound PA by the way! You’re very brave going to an A5, I would be spending twice the amount on inserts and twice the time on decorating and creating bits and bobs. Oh, wait, maybe that will keep my mind even more occupied! Only kidding! Seriously though, the pink/purple colour scheme is fabulous 🙂 I love it!
      Keep your fabulous blog and vlogs coming, I can’t wait for your next instalment!

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