Filofax: Daisy is Here!

Good morning!

This morning I woke at 5.45am. Usually I wake at 7am. Today was the day that I was going to pick up my new PA, Daisy.

You may or may not know that I have been lusting after 2 certain Filofaxes for AGES! Because of my unhappiness lately etc, I decided as part of my little Project Kel I would treat myself to a new Filofax. One that was ludicrously expensive in my eyes. One that I had been really sighing over for the last few months.

I recently got it into my head that certain Filofaxes make me lucky and happy, and certain Filofaxes make me feel sad and unlucky. Certain remind me of good times, and certain remind me of unhappy times. Does this make any sense? Does anyone else feel this?

For example, my Orange Osterley (Ozzie!) is so lucky and happy for me. I’ve had some amazing times with him. But there are other Filofaxes that have seen me at my worst.

And so, I thought, why not start my new Project off with a lovely new positive Filo?

I just happened to browse the Philofaxy Adspot page when I saw the photo: standing out from the rest of the pack. I knew I had to have her! So I mailed her owner, Ena at Filomanie and was so upset to hear someone else was interested. The next day however, much to my surprise, Ena got in touch to say her original buyer had backed out and I could have her if I was still interested! Interested I was! I paid for her that evening and she was posted out the following day.

I tracked her religiously from the moment I got the tracking number, so excited!


At 7am, I was lurking outside my local post office waiting for it to open. Don’t you think it’s time England had an EVENING SERVICE? huh?! I could have picked her up last night and fawned over her a lot longer!



And here we go…


Ta-Da! Daisy the Deco!

I got the inspiration from the Great Gatsby, if you can’t guess already ;).







She came with lots and lots of inserts, flyleaf, 2013 diary, addresses, to do, expenses, notepaper, dividers, today marker, business card holders, world map etc… But I wanted to move in (and didn’t have much time to do it before work so here are the quick photos 🙂 )






And there we have it! Daisy is here and I’m so ecstatic!

What are your thoughts on the deco? Are there any other deco owners out there still? Or are they now extinct?!

Off to do my full working day now!

Catch you later




12 thoughts on “Filofax: Daisy is Here!

    • Hi Ena!

      Thank you so much for letting her go, I would have found it so difficult as I love her so much! And I’m glad you like her name, it’s very fitting for her I think!

      Thank you again!


  1. I’ve had one for 2 years. And must say, it`s the best. I just have to warn you, the clasp gets stratched quite easily. But I don`t mind, I love how used and vintage my Deco looks like. Hope you’ll enjoy yours one too.

    • I know that I will love my Deco already, I’ve waited to get home all day and I’ve even contemplated doing a video on it. Let it be noted I NEVER do videos! Haha! That’s how much I like it! I’ve flitted between planners for months… I’m now thinking: could this be it? Could this be The One?!

    • Haha, right now Daisy needs to give me a life as she’s looking kinda boring this week with just starting my new job and being too tired to do anything in the evenings haha! I swear, I got into bed an hour and half ago as I was so tired and I’ve done that all week! Training is exhausting and I’m becoming the unsociable hermit haha!
      I think most of the Filos come with boxes :/. However I have purchased a couple in the past and they didn’t come in boxes (Metropol, Breast Cancer, Luxe Compact…) I went to a place on Sunday that was selling a boxed Aston for a tenner more than an unboxed one that was right next to it! Strange, huh?
      Hope you’re doing well, chin up, not long to go at work now eh?

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