Filofax – Project Kel Week 2 Complete

Good evening all!

Project Kel week 2 is over and done with. As it was my first week in my new job, I thought it was only fitting to devote week 2 to my “career”. I had no choice: work certainly took over my week and I’ve learned SOOOOO much! I’m scared that I’ll walk into work tomorrow and forget what I’ve learned already! I’m also so conscious that I may accidentally drive to my old work if I switch to autopilot in the morning!

So the last week has been very tiring and draining for me even though it looks like I didn’t do much else.

I “treated” myself as I am going through my healing process: Friday night I allowed myself to accept a date. It was a lovely evening, but it also sort of made me confirm to myself I have a way to go before I am really ready, you know?

However, Saturday night (last night) I really allowed myself to let my hair down, mingled with some new people and bumped into some old work colleagues from about 12 years ago. Partied hard for a friends birthday and consumed far too much alcohol!

Between partying and working, I did manage to fit in a bit of exercise. I’m trying Tracy Shaw’s Salsacise (an old DVD I purchased about 10 years ago) and I actually really enjoy it for some reason.


I’ve been working with Daisy the Deco for just under a week and I’m loving it. My new co-worker noticed it immediately as I pulled it out on the 2nd day of work. “Look at you with your filofax!” She smiled before proceeding to tell me she was secretly almost as organised as I am, and just as “decorative”. By which, she means she highlights everything. EVERYTHING!

Now, I have a little treat for all you Planner Investigators.  You may or may not be aware that I have been pretty much obsessed with the Sex and the City TV Series – which I had not realised was so addictive until August this year.  I have actually watched half a series in one sitting once… whoops!  I’m now finally on series 6 (what am I going to do when it’s finished??!) and today I spotted our favourite PR lady Samantha Jones whip out an organiser (I’d seen another planner of hers in an earlier series but I wasn’t in any mood that day to take some screenshots haha).  I’m not sure what planner make and model it is, but here are some screenshots anyway… enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 16.00.49 Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 16.00.54 Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 16.00.59 Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 16.01.05 Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 16.01.12 Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 16.01.37


That’s a Post-It Overload!

Anyhow, best be off to get my head down ready for my working week!

Stay organised, be creative and enjoy yourselves!  Until next time…




8 thoughts on “Filofax – Project Kel Week 2 Complete

  1. Hi Kel,

    Just found you and am loving everything you do! I don’t remember the filofax in SATC! I lOVE the way you spilt your pages up – simple but genius. I use MS dewdrops stockers for household tasks – but thye take up most of a days space in my Personal Finchley and would cover up what’s written underneath. Not any more! I can put them on one half and have the rest for appointments etc THANK YOU

    • Hi Caroline!
      Thanks for finding me! Hope you’re feeling inspired to mix it up a bit and make your filofax all your own!
      My little weekly split thing was actually pinched from a YouTube video! It’s actually the only thing I seem to have stuck to with my filofax! Styles and colours and dividers may change but I have stuck to the day division so far and I find it really works for me. I did a while blogpost on how my setup works for me on an older post.
      It appears the entire community love Martha Stewart Dewdrops but I prefer most of my appointments (recurring or not) to be stuck in my diary forever, just in case I ever need to refer back… You never know! Which is why I’ve made my own appointment stickers :). But it’s really more to do with personal preference ;).
      Hope you’re enjoying your filofax ownership!

  2. I got the Martha Stewart Dew Drops while I was waiting for my first Filofax Ms. Dulce to arrive. I felt as if I needed them to be legit! I don’t really care for them but should I ever get into a Filofax rumble I’ll have my Martha Stewart Dew Drop “Street Cred” I miss SATC so much. I have the entire series on DVD except for Season Three disc #3 it cracked and I haven’t replaced it. Ohh a date! Get it girl! Do give yourself time to heal. Who knows he might not be Mr. Right but there’s nothing wrong with a Mr. Right Now 🙂


    • Hi Kendall! Haha, Filofax Street Cred ;). I’m pretty sure my new colleagues thing I’m anything but Street Cred whenever I bust Daisy out! More likely a geek! Maybe if I got the Martha Stewart Dewdrops Ill get my Street Cred eh? 😉

      You should have a SATC marathon! I always feel as though I have been hanging out with a few friends whenever I’ve watched a few episodes back to back :).

      As for Mr Right Now, haha, I agree with you completely there! Unfortunately he wasn’t even Mr Right Now. I had a great time and all, it’s just there was no zsa-zsa-zoom. You know? I can just picture you waving your arms around shouting “… Next!!!”

      Hope all is good your end 🙂


  3. I understand there has to be chemistry! That’s why I stink at dating. Which is probably why I usually hang out with my three favorite people me, myself,& I 🙂 I did just realize that my neighbor is very cute this weekend. I had a bug issue and I needed someone to find the body and dispose of it because I sprayed a half a can of bug spray and the $&^** was able to crawl away half dead so I noticed neighbor guy was on Facebook and I messaged him. Whatcha doing can you please come over. He thought he heard screaming outside but it was me. :/ He came over and sprayed more and tried to find the dead bug body and I thought it was really sweet. Then he messaged me and said its was nice talking and we should talk more, but I haven’t heard from him since 😦 He’s looking at my Instagram and FB pics so I don’t know. I should know better then to try to date someone from across the hall. I mean I can see his door though my peephole!

    • Oh my gosh I had to laugh “I can see his room from my peephole!” Haha! You never fail to amuse me. But hey, least you have some decent eye candy to drool over in your building 😉 My street is full of old people so I have no eye candy 😦 doh! X

  4. I think that’s an A5 Filofax Samantha’s using. There are only six rings, so it’s not a FranklinCovey Classic or Day-Timer Desk, which both have seven rings.

    • Hi Cruz! I thought it was an A5 too. The spine area looks a bit like a Holborn at first glance I think! A Holborn Wine A5! I’m probably way off the mark, but that’s what I thought it was when you could see the front cover a little bit

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