Duel Planner User Or 1 Life, 1 Filofax User

Hi everyone!

A few days ago my bestie and Filofax user Carrie asked me the question:

How Would You Use 2 Filofaxes?

It’s a question I’ve often wondered myself. So many have their At Home Planner and a Portable Planner. I often wonder if the duplicating ever annoys them! I mean, surely all they need to do is reference the portable as the information is all there…

But then I got to thinking.

When I was doing my Repping, I could have done with a separate Filo. I used a day on 1 page but I found that times only went from 8am to 8pm. What about after that? Or before that? Sure it was great for my repping, but not for my own life.

Perhaps setting up one for work: day per page with appointment times, a reports section, a business cards and contacts section, a reference section…

Then having one as I have now, for my to do and events diary week on 2 pages, month to view, goals, personal contacts, passwords etc.

That maybe would have worked better. I’m a real believer in Filofax Monogamy haha, so I’d have loved one more than the other and disliked to use one!

Tell me: are you a Filofax Bigamist or Filofax Monogamist!?

How do you use yours?

Much love



11 thoughts on “Duel Planner User Or 1 Life, 1 Filofax User

  1. My system involves two ring binders. They are both Franklin Covey Auroras in black leather; one is Classic size and one is Compact size (roughly equivalent to A5 and Personal). The large binder holds meal planning, financial registers, and my personal goals and active projects section. I look at this once weekly when I plan my week and pay bills. It never leaves my desk. I transfer errands, shopping needs and next actions directly into the small planner. Along with a calendar there are also shopping and work projects tabs in the small planner, which goes everywhere with me. There is actually a third classic size binder with 2 inch rings that holds a massive A-Z index chock full of things, including archived project sections, and pages that might move back into the classic or compact as needed. Each binder is different, and there is only one calendar. So far this is working very well.

    • Oh my gosh that actually makes so much sense! I completely understand why 2 planners could work in this case. I really ought to incorporate a Financial section somewhere, although I really don’t think I would keep it up to date at all 😦

  2. Girl, I’m a Bigamist! Instead of Sister Wife’s and Big Love I have Sister Filo’s, lol (I’m not sure if either of those shows air over there so I hope my reference made sense). Dulce is my main planner, I drag her everywhere with me. Cali is my home planner. I use her WO2P as my Pit and Peak of the Day and Gratitude Journal and also as a journal. I journal in Dulce but I take the pages out and washi tape them in Cali because I would DIE if anyone ever got a hold of my word vomit. I only keep my main MO2P calender synced between the two. Which isn’t a big deal to me because I love to write, lol. I have Ms. Verruca Salt en route she’s the baby of the family she’s a Purple Malden!!! Actually she’s here already sitting in a box on my doorstep. 😦
    I want a financial section so bad but I don’t want to come to terms with how I spend my money… Denial!

  3. Until I discovered philofaxy and The filofax community earlier last month I was a filofax monogimist. Loyal to my pocket finsbury.
    Now, I have 4 in use! But two mostly: one portable one at home! This will come into play more in 2014. But so far, it doesn’t feel too adulterous!

  4. I (will have) two as soon as my A5 arrives. My personal sized Kikki K Mint and gold planner goes with me everywhere and is my on the go/daily/etc planner. Then, I have an A5 Ochre Malden arriving on the 12th with inserts from Life is Crafted for it arriving soon after that to keep my three businesses organized and under control.

  5. All great ideas. I use an A5 zipped Holborn as my work planner, I’m a sales rep on the road working out of my home. And I use a personal size zipped holborn as my wallet and personal planner, which I really, really love so far.

  6. Quick question for you ladies, do you know if the life is crafted month on 2 pages A5 size has larger monthly boxes than the traditional Filofax month on two pages? I need a little more room but not sure the life is crafted would fit the bill….?

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