Filofax Fans: my apologies!

It’s been almost a month since I blogged anything.

Well, life got crazy busy with all the Christmas shopping and work and Christmas and my dear friend being over from Germany for the holidays etc… Suddenly it’s almost new year and I feel I should be still in November somewhere. Where has the time gone?

Anyway, excuses aside, I’ve felt so guilty on not updating my blog recently I feel the need to apologise. I’m so very, very sorry.

What do I need to update you with?

Erm, I actually have a confession. I haven’t been nearly as organised as I should have been by now. In fact, planning has taken a back seat over the holidays as I’ve been pushed from pillar to post from party to dinner and back again. But anyway: planner peeps best look away for my next sentence may disgrace me in your eyes:

I haven’t yet got my 2014 diary.

I know, I know, I know! Most people have been organising their 2014 diary since October: and so did I…

But it looks like that may have fallen through.

So I keep promising I will print the Philofaxy CC inspired Week on 2 Pages (they are so customisable, I love the Philofaxy/My Life All On One Page diary printables – sorry I can’t really link anything from my iPhone guys, apologies) and I will get to it eventually…!

Apart from that, I’ve fallen in love with the Smashbook Range. I purchased the RetroStyle book and about £35 worth of scrapbook accessories to start me off. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a serious sucker of anything that looks remotely 1970’s bohemian/gypsy style, which also extends to my love of 70’s style unsaturated photographs.

I wanted to find myself a real poloroid SX-70 camera but I don’t think the paper is very popular these days, with it being so old and all etc…

Anyway, my point is, one of my resolutions was to take more photographs with my little Lumia I purchased earlier this year to go to Tenerife. It’s just a point and shoot but I’m sure with the amazing editing apps there are for photos these days I can get the look I love so much. I’m going to smash it all in my Smashbook and keep a record of all the 2014 fun times 🙂

That’s the plan, anyway.

Need to get a diary sorted before I plan that though…!

How’s your Christmas been? How about any NY Resolutions this year?



2 thoughts on “Filofax Fans: my apologies!

  1. A site called Big Huge Labs, a freebie, does a page where you can convert digital photos into different photo styles…. including Polaroid. Worth a peek!!

  2. I missed you girl! Are you on FB? I feel like we need to communicate on the regular 🙂 You can find me by searching my name Kendall Green-El
    I’ve been bitten by the Smashbug (lol that sounds so gross) too! I’m currently triple Smashing (that sounds promiscuous). I have a Travel Smash Book (Hello Kitty), Letters & Cards Smash Book and a Life Smash Book. Which are just excuses to buy Smash Books. I got them all on sale 🙂 40% off at Micheals. 🙂
    Don’t ever leave me again 😦 Oh I have a new YouTube channel because the YouTube police evicted me and said I can’t come back (but how do they know it’s me)
    Are you on Instagram? I’m Justagirlatl

    I don’t know why today is social media day for me. I should not drink Red Bull at work. I like can’t shut up and I know I’m going to crash soon! 😦

    I’m glad your back


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