Reviving My Love For Filofax And Planning

Good Evening To You!

I feel so guilty whenever I look at my WordPress app icon on my iPhone. And I mentally note “must get back into my Filofax and blogging again.” But if truth be told, there’s not a whole lot of change. Generally, if I don’t have anything to talk about (any changes usually), I fear I have nothing to speak about whatsoever! My life for the last few months has been mundane – work, home, sleep, work, home, sleep etc.

Last night, in a desperate attempt to revive my creative spirit a little and use my planner more, I did a clear out of my hat boxes of crafty bits and bobs I never use, or ripped bits of card stock I promised myself I’d one day have use for. It also gave me chance to take stock of what I actually HAVE! I didn’t realise I had so much stuff!

Looking then in my cupboard reserved solely for filofaxes and additional paper, old diary inserts, my own creations etc, I pulled out my Compact Luxe and decided it was time to have a go, see if I could use it. Most of my week on 2 pages have been pulled out, and I’ve whittled the sections down to 4 as opposed to my old set up of 6 tabs.

Nothing has been vamped up yet as most of my time was spent faffing around sorting my craft stuff, however I managed to find a cheeky piano keys drawing online I just HAD to turn into a today marker… For marking my month to view I stumbled upon a RAK I received from my penpal from the US, April’s lovely gift of a Starbucks coffee shaped loyalty card I adore! She also provided me with a little washi tape on there I haven’t had the heart to remove yet either… April if you see this; Thank you SO MUCH for your letter and all of the gifts, I promise I will write back to you – I am cooking a couple of bits and bobs up for you as we speak… 🙂

But in the meantime, take a gander at the photo’s below… any idea’s how I can rev up my dividers? I’m clean out of ideas ;/

Much love














2 thoughts on “Reviving My Love For Filofax And Planning

  1. You have a lovely Filofax Kel, I started with my first Filofax in 1991 and have fallen in and out of love with them ever since, I have 2 pocket and 1 personal and decided to dust off the personal and give it another try last month, I never got chance to do anything with this one as I saw a Ultra Violet personal domino on Amazon with lots of inserts that was cheaper then buying a diary insert on it’s own, so I bought it and have been using it since 10th March and I’m much more organised and feel more in control of my life. Will keep popping back to read up on how it is evolving!

    • Hi Sandy!
      Thanks for your comment: congrats on the ultra-Violet Domino, its such a vibrant colour! I always love to hear how others feel enriched by their Filofax.
      For me, it’s my way of controlling my day to day appointments, social events and the dreaded finances.
      But I believe in fully personalising/modifying to fit YOU, rather than altering you to fit the generic type. Obviously as I evolve, my diary does also: so you will be seeing many changes as I progress through my days ;).
      Hope this blog inspires you to become creative and organised. Where I once was in awe of others’ amazing and creative diaries, I now realise it is because they “had a go”. It didn’t need to be perfect, it just needed to make sense to them. But most of all, it needed to be authentic :).
      Keep it real!

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