Paris Inspired May Month To View

Hi All!

How’s it going?

This morning I was up and ready very early, which meant I had time to organise all of my May Bill Transfers and other boring banking stuff.

After I did that, I decided to input all of my outgoings to my Filofax Month To View pages. Many of you will know that I find it useful to input everything into a month to view and then transfer over to my week to view so I have an overall picture as well as a close day to day knowledge. Especially where bills are concerned as it allows me to track what’s going out etc… I’m really terrible when it comes to finances so it keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Once I’d done that, I STILL had plenty of time so I got out the old Washi Tae and decorated my month to view, like so:


Many of you know, and Ill keep stressing: I find it so important to make something “attractive” to me… A friend of mine was asking me how I stay so organised, and I answered:

“because I’ve spend time and energy and money into something I love to take out and write in. Everything in my Filofax is there to help me and keep me out of trouble, everything in my Filofax is ‘friendly’. What I mean by that, is that my Filofax is not there to tell me what to do, it’s more of a gentle reminder of upcoming events so I can always stay in control. This little bit of control gives me peace of mind in my chaotic little world. But I need to have invested (time, energy, money) in it to get the best out of it.”

What makes you want to use your Filofax more?



2 thoughts on “Paris Inspired May Month To View

    • Hi Daisy!

      Thanks for finding my blog and commenting on it: that’s a very good question!

      I suppose as I live in the UK, the most available option for me was always going to be Filofax for starters. I’ve looked at the Collins binders and nothing screamed “luxury” or “elite” about those binders. We now have Paperchase more available in the UK however… Again, the quality on the binders just don’t seem to be there.

      It’s all about the stitching, the finish, the clasp, the interior pockets. You can tell a Filofax a mile away. When I hold a Filofax I know that I have a piece of well put together craftsmanship. I know it will last me years and the leathers will age amazingly well.

      There’s also the ease of access to inserts, as well as a huge online community of people sharing the way they use their Filofax. They are the most creative and inspirational bunch of people!

      I love ring binders because I’m able to customise everything about my diary: the inserts, the layout, design, the feel – all to match my mood!

      Finally, it was Filofax that was my saviour in 2012. I needed to work to SLA’s in one of my previous jobs, and my manager finally suggested that instead of waiting to be remembered, I pre-empt everything and keep a diary on my desk to ensure I never needed to be remembered again. It also provided me with my creative outlet to jazz up the Filofax to my own taste.

      I’ve never seen a Gillio, Kiki K, Mulberry, Daytimer or Erin Condren planner in the flesh if I’m honest. They don’t seem to be readily available here in the UK. I’d love to see them just so that I can make a more informed decision but…!

      Hope this gives you some idea as to why I’m so “Pro-Filo”!



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