Filofax Swaps…!


Happy Friday!

So I did it… The best thing about Washi tape is that it is removable. My Parisian theme from just last week is now gone and my boho roots are back. Honestly, will I ever settle on a style?!





How do you settle on a style and remain true to it?! How? How? How?!




2 thoughts on “Filofax Swaps…!

  1. Love this boho look! I also seem to change my mind about styles often, but mostly by season and especially if I don’t have a ‘neutral’ Filofax – f.ex. a spring green pocket as my wallet doesn’t work for winter, nor my sombre wine A5 for summer. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though, it’s the natural rhythm of creativity 🙂

    • Hi SynneT
      Thanks goodness I’m not alone on my ever changing mind.
      What an ingenious idea – I love it – So when I’m shopping yet again for new bits and bobs for my next ‘project’, I’ll tell myself continuously that it’s the natural rhythm of creativity – that I just need to roll with it 😉 Not sure my bank balance will agree with me though haha 😉 !

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