Review – Filofax Personal Malden in Purple

Recently I got the chance to review a Purple Personal Filofax Malden.  I was not paid to write this review – all thoughts are completely my own.

Some of you may be aware that I used to own a Grey Personal Malden.  I loved it so much, I would moisturise it with Valentino so it would smell as well as feel good.  I kid you not.  The leather on it was to die for – the texture was so soft, supple and wrinkled, it reminded me of an Elephant.  It looked expensive yet accessible, well made; with that done-undone look I love so much.  You know – the business look with a slight casual edge.  Or vice versa.  For me, the only let down was the colour – it was slightly too bland for me in the end, and so we parted ways and my beautiful Grey left for the shores of America.

So when I received the Purple Personal Malden, I admit I was slightly shocked!

image_3 image_4

It did not come in a beautiful black presentation box, but a clear plastic protector-sheath.  Although that’s not what I’m reviewing, I must admit that for the amount these binders are, I still think packaging is key.  But nonetheless, I figured Filofax must be undergoing a re-brand etc.

The one thing I did like about the packaging was that the back showed a picture of the interior, something the old boxes would never do.  

I quickly unwrapped the plastic to reveal the binder in all of it’s loveliness.  


The colour was rich, the contrast stitching really noticeable, the all familiar Malden had seduced me once again.  As this is not a description review (you can find this as well as measurements etc on The Filofax UK Website – Malden Personal Organiser Details Page) I took out the inserts only to give you a quick idea of how the layout looks:

image_15 image_8 image_9 image_7

As you can see, the stitching and the colour is absolutely divine.  The zip is smooth and easy to open even with just one hand (for those looking at utilising this binder as a wallet function), all credit card slots and pockets are very accessible – the leather is extremely soft and pliable.  


This is the kind of organiser that looks like it can mix business with pleasure, depending on your mood, inserts, usage etc.  You can style it however you want and the Malden will still find a way to make it look good.  It’s eye-catching; that’s for sure, but it doesn’t have that ‘in your face’ bling about it (unless you want to fill it with bling!).  It’s refined, well put together, durable and not showy by any means.  It’s country-homely but it wouldn’t look out of place in the big cities.  


While it certainly doesn’t feel as soft and supple as my Grey, the Purple Malden does have it’s own unique, smoother feel.  I would go as far as to say it is on par with the Ochre Malden’s smoothness.  Like all Personal Malden’s, it does lie flat and it’s just as floppy.  Getting a scratch or stain on a Malden seems to add to the rustic, casual, laid back, traveler style of the binder, so toss it in your work bag – be as rough as you please – the Malden is a real workhorse for real busy people.


And just because I’m feeling generous, I’m going to love and leave you with more photographs of how I’m using mine!  How do you use yours??

image image_4 image_14 image_2 image

Don’t forget, you can get yours at the Filofax store on Filofax UK Website Malden

Until next time, have a good day!




10 thoughts on “Review – Filofax Personal Malden in Purple

    • I know, it’s such a beautiful binder! I do love the relaxed style of the Malden. I’ve become a little teeny tiny collector of Filofaxes over the last couple of years… I do not have a problem, honest 😉 ! My theory is simple – some women collect bags or shoes or purses to suit their mood. I happen to buy all of the above and Filofaxes to suit my mood 😉
      I love your blog by the way!!

  1. Hi
    I have only just found your review of the Malden, I was using the a5 Finsbury but although it was lovely it was too big for me, I had it stuffed with all sorts and as well as being heavy it became confusing!
    So I’m now awaiting the delivery of the purple Malden in personal size and I can’t wait to get it lol… I have a question, looking at your photos, I see you have monthly dividers, and I was wondering if you use those to divide each month as well as having weekly inserts? I do like the look of yours, I’m just hoping I can organise mine as good as yours seems to be!

    • Hi Theresa!
      Thanks for finding my post… I hope you found it informative!
      I utilised the monthly tabs to divide my month on 2 pages up. That way, I could flick to the month using the tab and quickly write an appointment into my month on 2 pages. It worked for me. I even laminated the tab dividers so that I could tape the monthly views straight onto the tabs, so that there were no pages flapping about in there ;). I’m such a neat freak about stuff like that!
      I hope this helps? I’d love to see what your Malden will be looking like!

      • Hi Kel
        Thanks for your quick reply! I like that idea very much, I have ordered some laminated monthly dividers from Etsy and Im waiting for my month on 2 pages inserts to be delivered as well as my weekly inserts.. I think your way with your Malden will definately work for me too.. When I’ve got it and set it up I will let you see, thanks so much, I’m glad I’ve found your website!

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