Weight Loss Printable!

Hi Everyone!

As you can probably see by my latest posts, being off sick gives me loads to think about…  so I’ve been creating little printables left right and centre!  Check out my Free Inserts Page to find my version of the Mason Jar Weight Loss Sticker printout 🙂  Here it is in my planner (as previously mentioned on an earlier blog post, I have ran out of my cotton cream so I’m testing these on inserts I have been building up for some time 🙂 – in this case, the Quadrille Paper!)

weight loss

I’ve put stickers in the “to go” – and each heart represents 1lb.  As I lose the lb’s, I will transfer the hearts over to the “gone” jar – and have a smug smile as I go 🙂

This is now up for downloading and printing direct to Personal Size Paper – enjoy!



Review – Temperley for Filofax The Guinea

Good Day to you all!

Today I’m not very well – please be gentle with me!  For the last week I’ve had a crushing headache which turned into a full blown cold… and then nausea and a ridiculous temperature.  Today it’s back to the crushing headache and sickness – perfect, huh!

While I didn’t want to do this review before I received some dividers (yes, I’ve purchased some instead of making my own this time…!) I also figured it I didn’t do it now… I probably never would.  And so…  with no further ado:


Welcoming the Guinea into my home – here she is!  I think I’ll call her Jinny.  Jinny the Guinea.

Anyhow – outside appearances first – I’ll be honest I did not expect the exterior to be made of FUR!  I’ve read elsewhere (I can’t remember where) that the exterior is indeed, pony skin.  I have no idea why I expected this to be a soft supple leather at all but it was certainly a surprise!  The print is pretty and it looks glamorous.  I can imagine taking this to a cocktail party to vamp up a little black dress, or maybe to a lunch date to give a more glamorous edge to the jeans/t-shirt/boots/blazer/fedora hat look.  I can imagine taking this to an important meeting and taking notes in a steel grey office dress.

image2 image3

Metalware is of a soft gold finish, rimming the binder and giving it a very high end clutch feel.  I love the little gold “Temperley” embellishment on the sturdy leather zipper tag – however the way that the fastener item is facing, when the binder is open, it is face down and you cannot see the pretty logo!

image4 image5

The zip is large, fashionable, functional.  The zipper is smooth opening and then the binder lays flat (probably something to do with those weighted gold metalware trims).  The interior is, for me, aesthetically pleasing.  I love nude/blush pinks at the best of times – they make me feel very feminine (I’ve got Shellac – “Blush Teddy” from the Intimates Collection on my nails right now as we speak!) and paired with black leather with a croc look and gold rings…  it’s pretty high up there with perfection for me!  I thought the nude/blush pink corded cotton interior would bother me – but in all honesty…  it hasn’t.

On the inside front cover we have the black leather croc finish look first 2 pockets – one which supposedly holds a blackberry.  I have an i-phone and it doesn’t fit – but then again I have a phone case on mine etc.  It’s a great idea though!  There is a further 2 horizontal card slots and then a large pocket at the back.  For some reason, I thought it would have a similar feel to the other zip Filofaxes out there and have a wallet/purse feel to that area, but behind the large pocket, there is nothing else there.  It’s just a wide pocket.  Maybe I’ll put my iPhone in there 😉  And Compact, And Little Mirror, And Lippy…  And Mascara…. etc…  etc…

image6 image7

On the opposite side, the gold finished rings are off centre and have the leather croc finish encasing part of the ring mechanism.  Placing the rings on the back cover means that the binder needs to be wider than a standard Filofax zip… and there is less room to accommodate side tabs.  The pen loop is fully elastic (it would been nice to see the croc theme recurring on this as a half elastic pen loop perhaps?) and there is a strap made of the black leather croc feel running across the back to hold in any notebooks required to slot in.  I have not tested this yet (I can’t find a filofax notepad or a suitable fitting notebook lying around) so I can’t really comment on it.  But personally I’d have liked to have seen something more going on with this back cover.

image8 image9

And here she is – all moved in and ready to go!  The blackberry pouch is perfect for holding paracetamol or ibuprofen though 😉


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading up on my new addition!

Until next time…



New Printables!

Hi everyone!

As I’m sick with the lady flu, today I’ve finally been confined to my living room sofa with the blanket and an endless supply of tissues & lemsips.

So I got into YouTube and watching loads of filofax videos, in preparation for the new Guinea that should be arriving in the next few days (I’m far too excited!). After about what felt like 6 hours of inspiration, I finally had a go at some of my own printables while singing (very badly, might I add) to The Courteeners and Echosmith on the old iTunes playlists… heaven knows my own inserts needed a revamp in my filo!

I’ve posted them up in my “free inserts” page at the top of the screen… And here they are in action (albeit on pink note paper… I’ve ran out of cotton cream!)




They’re now up on my “free inserts” page, please feel free to utilise them in your own planner if you like the look of them… And let me know how you get on with them! 🙂

Planner peace out



Filofax Temperley Inserts?

Hello All!

I’ve moved away from Pocket size as I’ve really missed being able to print my own pages onto personal paper immediately.  I really am an “options” girl.  So at the moment I’m back in my pink personal Finsbury.

But…  I’ve gone a little naughty and splurged on a beautiful Filofax Temperley Guinea.

As any Filofax/Planner fanatic would, whilst waiting on the lovely members of the Royal Mail to decide when they feel like posting my beloved planner, I’ve been editing my own current planner, figuring out what I really need in there, adding sections, removing sections, tweeking sections…

And then I came across the Temperley Inserts.  And I fell in love. The organiser I have purchased in 2nd hand and holds no inserts, but I really really really really want Temperley Inserts!  You know?

Last thing I want to do is purchase another Temperley just so I get these inserts, so… does anyone know where I’d be able to get these?  Or printables of these?

Input is greatly received 🙂

Catch you later