Filofax Temperley Inserts?

Hello All!

I’ve moved away from Pocket size as I’ve really missed being able to print my own pages onto personal paper immediately.  I really am an “options” girl.  So at the moment I’m back in my pink personal Finsbury.

But…  I’ve gone a little naughty and splurged on a beautiful Filofax Temperley Guinea.

As any Filofax/Planner fanatic would, whilst waiting on the lovely members of the Royal Mail to decide when they feel like posting my beloved planner, I’ve been editing my own current planner, figuring out what I really need in there, adding sections, removing sections, tweeking sections…

And then I came across the Temperley Inserts.  And I fell in love. The organiser I have purchased in 2nd hand and holds no inserts, but I really really really really want Temperley Inserts!  You know?

Last thing I want to do is purchase another Temperley just so I get these inserts, so… does anyone know where I’d be able to get these?  Or printables of these?

Input is greatly received 🙂

Catch you later




2 thoughts on “Filofax Temperley Inserts?

  1. Hi Kel, Lisa story here. I managed to get hold of a guinea at long last. Brand new with inserts and dust bag. £140. Very happy. I have another lot of the temperley inserts. Would you like them, send your address to my email. and I’ll post them to u. A thankyou for your kindness. All the best. Lisa.

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