Review – Temperley for Filofax The Guinea

Good Day to you all!

Today I’m not very well – please be gentle with me!  For the last week I’ve had a crushing headache which turned into a full blown cold… and then nausea and a ridiculous temperature.  Today it’s back to the crushing headache and sickness – perfect, huh!

While I didn’t want to do this review before I received some dividers (yes, I’ve purchased some instead of making my own this time…!) I also figured it I didn’t do it now… I probably never would.  And so…  with no further ado:


Welcoming the Guinea into my home – here she is!  I think I’ll call her Jinny.  Jinny the Guinea.

Anyhow – outside appearances first – I’ll be honest I did not expect the exterior to be made of FUR!  I’ve read elsewhere (I can’t remember where) that the exterior is indeed, pony skin.  I have no idea why I expected this to be a soft supple leather at all but it was certainly a surprise!  The print is pretty and it looks glamorous.  I can imagine taking this to a cocktail party to vamp up a little black dress, or maybe to a lunch date to give a more glamorous edge to the jeans/t-shirt/boots/blazer/fedora hat look.  I can imagine taking this to an important meeting and taking notes in a steel grey office dress.

image2 image3

Metalware is of a soft gold finish, rimming the binder and giving it a very high end clutch feel.  I love the little gold “Temperley” embellishment on the sturdy leather zipper tag – however the way that the fastener item is facing, when the binder is open, it is face down and you cannot see the pretty logo!

image4 image5

The zip is large, fashionable, functional.  The zipper is smooth opening and then the binder lays flat (probably something to do with those weighted gold metalware trims).  The interior is, for me, aesthetically pleasing.  I love nude/blush pinks at the best of times – they make me feel very feminine (I’ve got Shellac – “Blush Teddy” from the Intimates Collection on my nails right now as we speak!) and paired with black leather with a croc look and gold rings…  it’s pretty high up there with perfection for me!  I thought the nude/blush pink corded cotton interior would bother me – but in all honesty…  it hasn’t.

On the inside front cover we have the black leather croc finish look first 2 pockets – one which supposedly holds a blackberry.  I have an i-phone and it doesn’t fit – but then again I have a phone case on mine etc.  It’s a great idea though!  There is a further 2 horizontal card slots and then a large pocket at the back.  For some reason, I thought it would have a similar feel to the other zip Filofaxes out there and have a wallet/purse feel to that area, but behind the large pocket, there is nothing else there.  It’s just a wide pocket.  Maybe I’ll put my iPhone in there 😉  And Compact, And Little Mirror, And Lippy…  And Mascara…. etc…  etc…

image6 image7

On the opposite side, the gold finished rings are off centre and have the leather croc finish encasing part of the ring mechanism.  Placing the rings on the back cover means that the binder needs to be wider than a standard Filofax zip… and there is less room to accommodate side tabs.  The pen loop is fully elastic (it would been nice to see the croc theme recurring on this as a half elastic pen loop perhaps?) and there is a strap made of the black leather croc feel running across the back to hold in any notebooks required to slot in.  I have not tested this yet (I can’t find a filofax notepad or a suitable fitting notebook lying around) so I can’t really comment on it.  But personally I’d have liked to have seen something more going on with this back cover.

image8 image9

And here she is – all moved in and ready to go!  The blackberry pouch is perfect for holding paracetamol or ibuprofen though 😉


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading up on my new addition!

Until next time…




26 thoughts on “Review – Temperley for Filofax The Guinea

      • Hi, can I ask where you purchased your guinea filofax from. I’ve tried everywhere. At Xmas had my bag stolen whilst I payed for petrol. My 3 year old guinea was un it. It was a anniversary present and I was so upset. As their now classed as old stock can’t find one anywhere. Any advise.

      • Oh Lisa I am so so so so sorry to hear about your guinea being stolen, that is terrible!
        I purchased mine from a lady on one of the facebook filofax groups. They pop up on e-bay too every now and then. If you’re in the UK, Gumtree and Preloved are sometimes featuring Filofaxes on there.
        When I recently searched for my Amazona, I contacted all of the bloggers to see if any of them still had their filofax and if they were willing to sell.
        I really hope you find your Guinea, Lisa… And if all else fails, if you don’t manage to find it, your story has touched me so much that I may just have to part ways with mine!
        Let me know how you get on…
        Much love

  1. Great post Kel! I hope you’re feeling better!? I’ve always seen photos and haven’t been overly impressed (until I saw your post today that is!) what a pretty Filofax, it’s super feminine! I just wonder if the gold rim will get scratched over time? That would be my only worry but I totally want to add one to my collection now!

    Charlie x

    • Hi Charlie!
      I am feeling much better thank you, I’ve shared it with my partner and my parents: what a sharing person I am :)!
      I was never too keen on the Temperley either, most of the Planner Community weren’t shouting about the collaboration, but I actually think it’s a very beautiful and well made planner. It’s 2nd hand so someone else has already been throwing it in their bag etc: the gold rimmed edges are actually extremely hard-wearing which I’m surprised about also!
      Do it, get a Temperley! I’m converted – I want to buy a Violet now!

  2. Doh. I just read down and you say its 2nd hand. I’ve been on ebay with no success. Where did you purchase yours from. Hope you don’t mind me asking. Many thanks 😊

  3. Hi Kel, with not being on any social media sites( I’m to old at 48) I haven’t managed to find a Guinea Filofax. If you ever come across one for sale please let me know.
    Kind Regards
    Lisa Story.

    • Hi Lisa, I came across one in America but when I contacted and enquired about it for you, I found it had sold for £280.
      Because your story moved me so much, I willing to part with mine if your still looking.
      You can email me on with an offer 🙂

  4. Hi Kel. I managed too get a Guinea Filofax. Brand new all inserts and dust bag. Very happy. I have a spare set of temperlry inserts. Leave your address at my email and I will post them you.
    Kind regards
    Lisa story

    • Wow Lisa where did you find one! I will surely email you with my address, I’ve been looking far too long for the Temperley inserts :). I’m so glad you’ve found your replacement Guinea 🙂 x

    • Hi Lisa I have been away for a long weekend and return tomorrow: they should be waiting for me: thank you so much, I’m very excited to see them 🙂 x

  5. Morning Kel.
    I’m just back from my travels. I have managed to find another Guinea all inserts and dustbag, plus 2 A5 temperley notes books for the Affair filofax Temperley did. If you know of anyone looking for either of these I’m selling them . £200 for guinea filofax, £15 for each note book. If you don’t know anyone I’m putting on ebay nearer Xmas. Bye for now.
    Lisa Story.

    • Hi there,

      I’m on the hunt for a Guinea…if you still have this or know anyone who wants to sell theirs. I wish I’d bought one when they came out as they just don’t seem to be available anywhere now.


      • Hi Joycellyn
        I still have my Guinea yes, and oddly enough I never seem to use it very often, such a shame as it is a beautiful piece.

        Email me on with an offer and if I can bear to part with it, it’s yours 🙂


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