The Diva Arrives…! Filofax Personal Amazona in Red


What felt like forever ago, a lovely lady on Facebook sold me her Personal Amazona in Red that I had been pining for. 

And then I played the waiting game. Not very well either, if you ask me. I would shoot back home from work only to be disappointed that it had not appeared. I tracked the Royal Mail and tried searching the USPS site, to no avail. I e-mailed Parcelforce, I called Royal Mail, I tweeted USPS… Nothing. I went to Cornwall and secretly hoped it had been delivered whilst I was away… No sign of it.

I was so upset as the Person I spoke with at the Royal Mail told me that parcels never usually take this long and that it should have been delivered by now.

Today was my first day back at work following my Cornwall Break (which was divine by the way, at least, when I wasn’t being pulled up rocks and steep hills and down harsh slopes. The fella even treated me to a total relaxation spa treatment which completely suprised me – especially as he isn’t one to usually book things in advance etc) and I dragged myself into my hallway after braving the wind and rain to get some bread and milk (not that any of this is even relevant but hey…)…

And there it was. The postman’s familiar more to get me know I had a parcel waiting in my “safe place”.

I was hardly daring to get my hopes up as I found the parcel. 

Low and behold, Marilyn the Red Amazona had arrived… Late, true to that ever so famous Marilyn Monroe form. What a Diva.

In the box, there were pens, notebooks, really really cool eraser tape stuff with patterns on I’d never ever seen before… And a lovely note from my Amazonian friend 🙂

And here she is:

I immediately got to work setting her up… Which turned into most of the evening.

Finally… Under the terrible lighting of my bedside table… Marilyn.

I’m loving the horizontal card slots, the enormous rings (I’ve been squeezed into compact rings in the Guinea, this feels like I can breathe!), the “leftie” pen loop (I’m a leftie and love this feature on the Osterley too) and the elasticated zip picked at the back.

I’ve never utilised a secretarial pocket before: what do you use yours for?

I think I’ll leave it at that… It’s a pretty big post enough as it is!

Catch you later!




8 thoughts on “The Diva Arrives…! Filofax Personal Amazona in Red

  1. Re: the secretarial pocket, I keep my zip pouch of stickies, flags, hole reinforces, a postage stamp or two, and a slim nail file. I also use it as an inbox to corral any loose bits of paper that will need to be processed through my planner. Spare inserts have also been known to make its way in there. Hope I gave you some ideas. It will be interesting to hear how others use it.

    • Oooo Carla that has given me a couple of good ideas: I love the loose inserts due to be filed idea… Great for on the go! Oh, and of course, the nail file 😉 where are they when you need them?! X

  2. Okay 1…it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!! 2…I was scrolling through the pictures going COME ON COME ON COME ON, lol…I don’t have much filo patience either. I ordered an original nude last month (going from my old A5 to this in a personal size) and my boyfriend couldn’t figure out why I was getting the mail every day…and coming home sulking. I feel your pain, but it’s definitely worth the wait. Nice buy! (:

    • Hiya!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only crazy person when I’m waiting on a new Filofax. 🙂

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