Wishlist: Filofax A5 Holborn Zip in Wine

Hi everyone!

I’ve been promoted! December our Assistant Manager left and I took the reigns assisting the Branch Manager. I’m all moved into my new little office area now and more and more work is coming my way… Par for the course!

However, I need a decent planner to keep me on track. So I’ve been searching for the perfect work planner, and as I need to remain true to my bohemian roots, a rustic looking wine Holborn Zip in A5 seems to match me perfectly.

Is there anyone out there willing to part with one?! Pretty please?

Give me a shout I’d be happy to hear from you 😉





3 thoughts on “Wishlist: Filofax A5 Holborn Zip in Wine

    • Hi Steve, I’m gutted: just 3 days ago I purchased a brown Holborn Zip off EBay… But i got it at a crazy price of £22 so I can’t complain really hehe!
      Thanks for notifying me though, the wine on Adspot looks absolutely beautiful. I’d certainly have gone after it if I hadn’t purchased the brown one. Typical eh hehe?


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