Back to Midori/Travelers Notebook we go!

Hello everyone!

Perhaps there is something magical about seeing the sun shining after days and days and days of unpredictable weather here in the UK. As we look forward to the summer and slightly warmer weather (I say as I am still tucked under two goose feather and down heavy duvets and wearing a fleecy robe! In MAY!), most Britons begin to daydream of summer adventures, travel, holidays, festivals and yes… The beer garden.

For me, it awakens my whimsical bohemian spirit once again after laying dormant for months, cooped up inside and forced to endure dark, cold early mornings and equally dark, rainy evenings. As much as I adore Autumn and  the opportunity to parade around in knee high and thigh high boots (but only ever over jeans, I’ll have you know!), after the January and February slump I yearn for the long dreamy evenings on the patio drinking a glass of wine or two surrounded by fairy lights and family/friends. I yearn for the early Sunday morning road trips going Antique Shopping in quaint little villages. I yearn to see the sea, to feel sand beneath my toes, to feel the sun on my back, to shut the world out and lose myself to the songs on my iPod.

And most of all, I crave the summer romantic bohemian fashion. The delicate crochet waistcoats, the floaty long dresses, the gold bangles, the ethnic inspired prints, the Indian sandals, the beach hair, the sunkissed tan. The cross body vintage bags… Holding cameras and a journal.

The Travelers Notebook, to me, is the most bohemian journal – it’s so simple yet functional and doesn’t look out of place on a beach in Australia or in a coffee shop in the UK. Travelers Notebooks are so versatile: they hold what YOU want them to hold. The booklets, interchangeable, are able to be personalised as much as you like, through the use of your own doodles, or by use of stamps or stickers or washi tape. The sturdy cover, made of leather; held together by a simple elastic band, ages so perfectly, over time developing a beautiful patina along with scratches… And every scratch tells a story. It’s journey really does merge with your own.

So… I recall two years ago, I purchased my own travelers notebook, made by Ray Blake of the website My Life All In One Place but after a few weeks of using it, I moved back to Filofax because I’d been so used to the system, so used to the ease of being able rip out a page or insert a page should I need to, that I could not seem to get used to the “restrictive” booklet style. 

But I continued to be in awe of them, admiring them. It wasn’t until I was travelling last year that I pulled it out again, and enjoyed the system, the idea of keeping everything together, flight tickets, passports, insurance documentation, currencies, something to note everything about my adventures down and an area to stash momentos ready to incorporate into my journal. 

When I got back home to the UK I immediately hopped onto Amazon and ordered the passport size Midori Travelers Notebook, with a few accessories. I used the system on and off for a good few months, but something about the size bothered me. It was perhaps too small for me.

Fast forward to last Wednesday night, browsing The Journal Shop and realising they provide a discount with your first shop, making the TN cheaper than Amazon, I hit the checkout button faster than I could talk myself out of it. Even though I selected the free delivery (stated up to 7 days), the TN arrived on Friday morning, much to my very happy suprise (I was recovering from an ear infection). And so, I’d like to welcome you to my journey with my new TN…

Have you got a Travelers Notebook yet?

Catch you later!




12 thoughts on “Back to Midori/Travelers Notebook we go!

      • I’m happy with my Filofax for planning but I am looking into getting a planner for journalling. A lot of competition between the Hobonichi and TN though – just have to wait and see which wins out for my money πŸ˜€

      • I’ll keep my eye on your blog to see which one wins hehe πŸ˜‰ I am waiting on more Midori/Travelers Notebook goodies from The Journal Shop that I just HAD to order last night. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole I think! X

      • I know! I dread to think how much I have spent over the last few years on Filofaxes and accessories haha! X

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  2. Great photos!

    I picked up my Traveller’s notebooks while on a visit to Japan – literally filled half a suitcase with various notebooks and accessories. Love mine – I have the same model as you, but in black. I also have a brown one in passport size (still in box) and a standard size in brown (still in box). My black one is a little scratched and beat up now, but I think I prefer it that way πŸ™‚ (

    I definitely prefer them to my various Filofaxes, which have all (except one) been sold on eBay. Viva la notebook!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment!
      I think I’m having an internal struggle at the moment, trying not to purchase more notebooks and accessories for my new Traveler’s Notebook from ! But I think I would most likely have done the same as you if I’d have been in Japan and visiting the store πŸ™‚ your Traveler’s Notebook in all its beaten glory is exactly how I want mine to look: weathered and beautiful with age. I can’t wait for mine to get like that! Definitely getting converted though, I’ve been going off Filofax little over the last year (since I properly discovered Midori I suppose). I first purchased a brown Passport one, but the regular size is definitely winning in the practical department for me πŸ™‚

      • Thanks! I much prefer the regular size Midori. I’m not sure the passport size is practical, but you never know. I might end up using it just for my passport!! I’m going back to japan in October and am actually most excited about getting back into the stationery stores πŸ™‚ Well, that and the food!

      • Oh I wish I could go to Japan and ogle the shelves of Traveler’s Notebook heaven, sigh…! I hope you enjoy your trip and fill your case with TN goodies!
        I managed to stick to the Passport for 4 months and then knew I had to move to a regular size… Definitely more practical, I completely agree!

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