Trying out the Passport Midori Traveler’s Notebook as a Wallet/Purse

You can watch the video of my change HERE 

And this is how I made the Cash Envelope System into my Passport Midori Traveler’s Notebook:

Firstly, I gathered supplies. Traveler’s Notebook, Insert (to use as a measuring tool), envelopes that fit your cash, glue stick, tape, pen/pencil (for marking), siscors, something to create a label (be it a marker pen, excel labels, Dynamo Label maker) and a piece of card.

Firstly, take all of your envelopes and decide how many you want to use for your cash envelope system.

Fold them all so that the flap is facing inwards.

Glue the unflapped sides together, like so:

And it will look like a booklet when finished.

Next, open out all of your flaps:

Create your labels. I used excel, placed thick boarders around each one and made sure I had everything twice:

Once cut out, I then began to create the tabs, utilising the flaps of the envelopes.

The result looked like this:

Out of card, I traced around an insert and provided it around 5mm of spine.

I also created some little secretarial pockets from the envelopes to fit on the outsides of the booklet for receipts or tickets etc.

I then added tape to the edges of the envelopes to give them strength.

Then glued the first edge of the booklet onto the card, slid the notebook through the Midori Traveler’s Notebook Middle elastic and glued the other side down.

Pulled through my zipper pocket behind the elastic and voila!

Have you used your Passport Traveler’s Notebook as a Wallet/Purse/Cash Envelope System?




3 thoughts on “Trying out the Passport Midori Traveler’s Notebook as a Wallet/Purse

  1. Very industrious Kel! Which do you prefer, regular size or passport? I use both sizes as and when the fancy takes me. Currently in regular. Have you looked at Patrick Ng’s blog? He’s created a similar envelope system all with different kinds of envelopes and glued them onto boards. He doesn’t explain how he actually bound all the boards together but I bet you could work it out from the photos. Thanks for sharing yours.

    • Thank you Steve! I am still unsure… I love the idea of the Regular being able to house all of my inserts – my notes and my little scrapbooks and calendar as well as my money. But it’s just so big and bulky! The Passport, although it’s lovely and small and extremely portable, I can’t take everything else apart from essentials around with me. It’s almost like a trade off!
      I adore Patrick Ng’s Scription blog… It was that tabbed envelope system photograph that inspired me!

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