Stickers on Leather?

Mini sticker from the 2012 Dovecraft Collection – knew it would come in handy!

Aaaaaaand I’m back in the Malden. I wish I could tell you what it is about this binder I love, but I simply can’t put it into words. The antiqued leather, the contrast stitching, the relaxed feel to it, the larger ring size, the full length back pocket, the pocket at the back that enables me to slot my iPhone SE (I’m aware it’s old, but I prefer small phones and I’m not sure I want my face to be how I unlock my phone!) into the back pocket, the suppleness or the leather… I don’t know. But here I am, back again.

The roundel sticker is from Amazon

Now I follow a lot of planner addicts on Instagram and although many pages are loaded up with stickers and washi and a myriad other ways to decorate their weeks or monthly spreads… but most protect their planners and as well as putting their planners in protective bags, many tend not to decorate the actual planner itself.

What are people’s thoughts on popping stickers on their actual planner? Or pins/badges/brooches? Has anyone done this?

Sorry for the short post today, I thought I’d send the question out to see people’s thoughts on this… as for the change of style in the Pocket Malden, more info will be coming once I’ve finished playing around with it 🙂

If I don’t get to you sooner, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all!



3 thoughts on “Stickers on Leather?

  1. Well, being a bloke I always think stickers are a bit of a girly thing, no offence intended. That said I do like the Union Jack mini and most certainly the roundel. I would use things like that so long as they didn’t damage the leather. They don’t look out of place on yours. I had a grey Mini Malden a few years back but just couldn’t get on with it. I honestly don’t know why because they are a quality product. Maybe I just went for the wrong colour as yours looks fabulous. As always your next update is much anticipated. Steve

  2. I personally wouldn’t put stickers on the leather to avoid it colouring differently around the sticker shape as the leather ages, but just me being precious!! I adore the ochre Maldens too. xxxx

    • Hi Jane, thanks for your input! I used to be exactly the same but seeing people using stamps and stickers on their travelers notebooks I thought I would give it a go. Too scared to use a badge or pin still though! Xx

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