Free Inserts

Hi Everyone

I’m going to pop a couple of the pages that I have made for myself on here for you to open up and print off if you should want to 🙂 I hope they help and I’d be really happy to see them going to good use!

Filofax Personal Templates

Every Filofax needs a Personal Details page – fully customisable on Word.  This is to be printed direct on to Filofax personal paper:

Personal Details


Password pages that you can customise 🙂

passwords page 1 passwords page 2


Bills that you can customise in Word 🙂 To see your bills and your outgoings information all at one glance – ideal for when you’re on the go and need to call up a service provider!

Bills Page 1 Bills Page 2


The Weight Loss Mason Jar Chart – fill your first mason jar with stickers representing each 1lb you wish to lose (“to go”) – and then feel that smug satisfaction when you remove and replace your stickers into the 2nd jar (“gone”).  Fully customisable in Word 🙂

Weight Loss Jars

weight loss

My Weight Tracker – it has 31 dates on it but it is Monthless.

Weight Template PDF


Just add your weights down the side of the page and get logging! Happy Weight Loss 🙂

Reports Pages PDF -I used to use this as a Sales Rep – when I visited customers I would jot down the company name and who I saw, the date and notes on what was spoken about. Could come in handy for those that are on the road and need to make quick notes ready to be typed up into reports later on

A Dateless and Monthless Month on 2 Pages with hearts to pop your calendar numbers in. Can be decorated with washi tape or doodled on to your hearts’ content (no pun intended!)

Hearts MO2P Mon-Thur PDF

Hearts MO2P Fri-Notes PDF

A Dateless and Monthless Week on 2 Pages with hearts to pop your calendar numbers in. Can be decorated with washi tape or doodled to your hearts’ content (no pun intended!)

Hearts WO2P mon-wed PDF

Hearts WO2P thur-sun PDF

To add a little glamour and release your inner Bombshell on your bland notepaper! Images taken from my favourite book, “The Bombshell Manual of Style” by Laren Stover.

ballgown image PDF

phone image PDF

phonecall image PDF


To add a little glamour onto your original week on 2 pages Filofax Diaries in the “This Week” section! Images taken from my favourite book, “The Bombshell Manual of Style” by Laren Stover.

phone image diary PDF


To use these inserts, all you need to do is modify your PDF print page to the Filofax personal size (95mm x 171mm).

They should print perfectly 🙂

Traveler’s Notebook Inserts

I’ve only had the Raydori a couple of days but I’ve been keeping the few inserts I’ve had a go at doing.  Please see below.  They are good to print direct onto A4 paper or A5 exercise book paper (opened out to A4), just print, fold and trim – simples!

bills midori Sheet1

Bills sheet to print on A4 landscape and then cut – stick into your Traveler’s Notebook – same as the Filofax Insert I created

Midori Week Per Page

Week per page – to get that indie/blank canvas look for you to unleash your creativity or orderly self, like so:


Enjoy and I’ll try to add more soon – let me know how you get on with them!




8 thoughts on “Free Inserts

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  2. Hi Kel, I’ve just read your blog from start to finish and I like most of what you do. Not the girly stuff of course! I’m a lot older, but it’s nice to see youngsters with what I would know as hippie interests. A question about your inserts, if I may? Am I right in thinking you do the front and the back in two separate Word files, then print one onto the back of the other? Do the two sides match up nicely? And may I ask how you set up the page in Word before you start your design. I also loved the Harley Davidson inspired work you did for your dad. That looked truly professional. Was the logo on the page marker glued on or printed? It looked a bit 3D on my pad.

    A fantastic blog, Kel!

    • Hi Steve! Thanks for trawling though my many many posts, I appreciate it!

      If I wanted different files on the same page, I would use word and create two files. They generally didn’t marry up because I liked an indentation on the left for the holes.
      I changed my page format to the Personal size paper size and saved it as a template. That way I could always access a blank template whenever I needed to.
      For the Harley Bookmark it really was just a case of black scrap paper and a cutout Harley Logo! Very simple ;). I just laminated it to give it a little sheen and durability.

      Hope this helps you!

  3. Yes I think I follow you. I shall have an experiment later. I like to print my own information sheets to store in the Filofax, but I know how I want things to look, so have to try to make my own. I think I need a laminator too. I just use art card packs from Ryman to make inserts, tabs etc. I assume your cardstock is a very similar sort of thing?

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