Designing My Cash Envelope System in the Midori Traveler’s Notebook

Hello everyone!

After umming and ahhing and wondering about the Cash Envelope System, I took to thinking of how I would create the “booklet” to hold all of my cash.

I looked to YouTube and found this amazing video which gave me my idea of how to put my own spin on things. Here’s what I did:

Purchased lots of envelopes that just about fit a note of monetary value.

Stuck labels and sticky notes on them, the labels for designated areas that I will assign my cash to, the sticky notes to help keep a running total of what is in the envelope.


Cut card stock down to the exact size of an insert.

Stuck down the envelope to the cardstock.

Piled all on top of eachother and as per the video, worked from the middle page out to tape the opposing sides of the booklet together.


Then I binded them all together to create a booklet. Added embellishments and then cash ūüôā

I’ve had to remove my blank paper notes section for this area for the moment as its looking quite thick!! 

How is your traveler’s notebook experience so far?



Midori as a Cash Envelope System?

Hello Everyone!

Well, bang goes our last Bank Holiday in the UK until Christmas! It’s all uphill from here.

I’m an Autumn Girl though, so my favourite season is almost upon us. I’m excited… I love the crunching of the leaves, the crisp air first thing in the morning, the fashion… Oh, the fashion is phenomenal… The colours, the chunky sweaters and chunky over the knee socks and boots and skinny jeans and fedoras and scarves… I’m in my element!

But anyway, I’m digressing.

Lately it been debating whether to utilise my Traveler’s Notebook as a purse (or wallet, to our American Friends ūüôā ).

*Sidenote – can you see how different the leathers are on my Traveler’s Notebooks?¬† Both made by Midori, my Passport was my first purchase in from Amazon¬†2015, and from day 1 the leather felt¬†smooth and almost shiny.¬† It’s almost impossible to scratch.¬† Whereas my Regular is made by Midori¬†re-branded as¬†Traveler’s Notebook purchased from The Journal Shop¬†in May 2016 and right from the beginning it was dull, susceptible to dinks and scratches and felt slightly rougher and less pliable than my Passport.¬† I thought it¬†was an aging thing but¬†now I’ve used my¬†Regular daily for the last 3 months and the¬†oils of my¬†hands not even¬†providing any kind of patina to the leather yet,¬† I think I prefer the Regular though – I love the imperfections.¬† Does anyone else have 2 (or more!)¬†notebooks by Midori that have completely different looks and feels that were completely different from day 1?¬† I know it’s leather and it will always vary etc, but these two are completely different colours and textures etc.

Anyway, no sooner as I’d wondered whether I would be able to utilise my Traveler’s Notebook as a purse, I wondered whether it ought to be in my Passport size so that I could bring that into play once again.

So last night, after doing some digging around, I came across a great series of videos on YouTube I absolutely¬†loved…

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
I was entranced. Amazed.¬† I watched the video’s a couple of times, making sense¬†of them and wondering how I could manipulate the system to suit my needs.¬† I want¬†¬£1000 in my Emergency Fund.¬† I want to pay off that¬†pesky little¬†Credit Card and my car.¬† I want to save 3-6 months expenses.¬† I want to invest 15% of household bills into a¬†Pension.¬† I want to pay off my home early.¬†I knew I needed this system in my life and to use it with my Traveler’s Notebook.¬† I’d seen photographs of tabbed¬†envelopes on Pinterest and I’d been intrigued for some time, however I’d never really looked into it as I used my debit card way too much.

Any that’s the problem…¬† when¬†I’m throwing¬†my card around, I tend to not track it as well as I should, and before I know it, my funds are cleared out!¬† The lady in the video mentioned she is a tactile person and I think that I am, too.¬† Cash is more valuable to me than a card.

I’ve recently changed jobs and have switched from weekly back to monthly pay (thank goodness!) but although I’m feeling relieved I’m back on monthly pay, I was on weekly pay for 2 1/2 years so there is a little adjustment still going on at the moment… to be expected!¬† However, I love the idea of being able to work on the Dave Ramsey System.

So before I start poking around… Does anyone have any advice on using the Cash Envelope System, and rather, how you set your Traveler’s Notebook up accordingly?

Much Love!