Filofax Wishlist – Personal Finchley Antique Rose or Personal Chameleon Raspberry

Hi Guys!

Summer is ALMOST over here in the UK, and I’m going back to college in September!  I’m decided I would bite the bullet and do a beginners course in French.  I was taught German in High School, and was so upset as I wanted to learn French.  Years later, here I am, about to go back to the classroom!

I am still currently in my Midori Travelers’ Notebook Passport size, but I miss the ability to move things around more freely.  So I’ve been staring at Filofaxes longingly.

I cannot find the next Filofax to re-vamp my love – I think I’d like that elusive Personal Finchley in Antique Rose, or maybe a Personal Chameleon in Raspberry.  Do you think I can find any of these anywhere?!  I’ve scoured E-Bay, Amazon, the Facebook pages, Blog Posts…  Ugh!

If any of you lovely people know anyone that would be willing to part with either…  let me know!  🙂

Catch you later!




Any Pink/Rose Pocket Filo’s out there?

Hello people!

You know when you’re looking for a specific Filofax and they’re nowhere to be found?  I got a bad case of that going on right now.

I really want to get my mitts on a pocket Finchley/Piazza (not a Finsbury) style Filo (19mm rings).  But here’s the tricky bit, it needs to be in that pretty light pink or vintage rose colour.  I have to be tricky, don’t I?

So, if there is anyone out there looking to sell, shout out!

Cheers M’Dears!