Weight Loss Printable!

Hi Everyone!

As you can probably see by my latest posts, being off sick gives me loads to think about…  so I’ve been creating little printables left right and centre!  Check out my Free Inserts Page to find my version of the Mason Jar Weight Loss Sticker printout 🙂  Here it is in my planner (as previously mentioned on an earlier blog post, I have ran out of my cotton cream so I’m testing these on inserts I have been building up for some time 🙂 – in this case, the Quadrille Paper!)

weight loss

I’ve put stickers in the “to go” – and each heart represents 1lb.  As I lose the lb’s, I will transfer the hearts over to the “gone” jar – and have a smug smile as I go 🙂

This is now up for downloading and printing direct to Personal Size Paper – enjoy!




New Printables!

Hi everyone!

As I’m sick with the lady flu, today I’ve finally been confined to my living room sofa with the blanket and an endless supply of tissues & lemsips.

So I got into YouTube and watching loads of filofax videos, in preparation for the new Guinea that should be arriving in the next few days (I’m far too excited!). After about what felt like 6 hours of inspiration, I finally had a go at some of my own printables while singing (very badly, might I add) to The Courteeners and Echosmith on the old iTunes playlists… heaven knows my own inserts needed a revamp in my filo!

I’ve posted them up in my “free inserts” page at the top of the screen… And here they are in action (albeit on pink note paper… I’ve ran out of cotton cream!)




They’re now up on my “free inserts” page, please feel free to utilise them in your own planner if you like the look of them… And let me know how you get on with them! 🙂

Planner peace out