Filofax: Jack Vintage, Anyone? London’s Calling!

Hello People!

Hope everyone is groovy?

A few months ago I heard that someone very dear to me was moving back from Germany to the UK. I was so excited however the move will not be back to the Midlands as I originally thought… It’s to London!

Suddenly it’s almost upon us, a mere 2/3 weeks and they will be back in the country and living it up in our Capital.

I’ve never been to London for anything other than Work purposes, so I’m excited to have someone there I can visit and see the sights of “London Town” with.

Last night I popped to my local Paperchase with the idea in my head of picking up their Union Jack binder and a few “London/Britain” bits and bobs… But I never picked the binder up. I looked at it, opened it and felt as though I was betraying the Filofax brand. Not only that, but it just didn’t feel as “proper” as Filofax.

I remembered I’d had my eye on a Jack Vintage for some time, brought on by this exact page:


So I had a mooch in WHSmiths at it. But I walked away. I left the shopping centre with just a couple of sticky notes from Paperchase.


Today in my lunch hour I found myself on the Filofax page and ended up purchasing a Jack Vintage in Personal.

So. I’ve not seen many of these about: what are your opinions of the Jack, and if you have one: how have you decorated it? Whenever I think of a Jack Vintage, I think of the Swinging 60’s: the Mods, mini skirts, beehives, eyeliner, Marianne Faithful…

Or am I being silly?



A-Z Index Customised For Filofax

G’day everyone!

I finally got around to uploading my photos taken from ‘stupid o’clock’ early hours Sunday morning.

Now, you know how our bland and boring filofaxes are so customisable? Well, because they’re so ‘blank’ and I happen to have a problem committing (to anything!) to a specific style that I like… I decided that this week I’m in love with music. I’m a bit of a boho-indie girl at heart and I love the two extremes – the flowy, feminine, soft, floral, layered aspect of the boho-trend and the quirky eclectic indie trend.

But how do you incorporate this into a filofax when there are SO many different ideas to choose from?

Originally I was going to create my own subject Tabs using a fake “band name” (Straya Ten – Straya because I’m in love with Australia (the country, not the film lol), and everything associated with it, and Ten because it’s my birthdate and birth month). I was going to make up album covers, magazine covers etc based on my favourite photographs of everything and anything. But that seemed like a lot of hard work to be honest… and I’m quite lazy (oops!).

So then I started to think about album covers or singles covers already out there… with songs named something to do with telephones or addresses – after all, that’s essentially what an A-Z address section is used for, right?

I’m still in the process of finishing it off, but I figured I would give you the gist of it so far :). To make the divider photo’s I copied singles covers from google and funked them up a little bit using which is my new best friend, printed them onto blank sheets of filofax paper, cut around the edges a little and then stuck using erm… prit-stick (I hear a thousand groans) and then I secured into place using erm… tape. Lol.

I also got a bit bored of the filofax font on the tabs, so I took a fantastic idea from

– Laura had used alphabet stamps on her tabs which I thought was AMAZING! Unfortunately I wasn’t patient enough to wait until I got some off the internet and I really wanted a black background with white letters, so I ended up spending hours typing, mucking about on spreadsheets, printing and re-printing to the best size for my A-Z tabs, cutting and then messing around with sticky-tape (yes, in the year 2013 we are still resorting to sticky-tape…) trimming the edges ‘just-so’ and then doing it all over again on the back of the tab.

Slow going process indeed.

And here are the results so far!


I finally got around to gluing my cute little union jack button on 🙂





I also managed to affix my back zipper charm



For the cover for the c-d tab I used “Call Me” by Blondie – referencing the telephone and the letter C – get the concept? 😉



e-f is for “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant



g-h is for “Hanging on the Telephone” by Blondie



i-j is for “Ill Communication” by the Beastie Boys



Requiring no introduction, k-l showcases the cover of “London Calling” by The Clash



Yet another classic, “Penny Lane” by the Beatles steals o-p



“Telephone Thing” by The Fall dominates the cover of s-t



w-x – “Where The Streets Have No Name” by U2



And finally in the y-z tab it’s “You Can Talk To Me” by The Seahorses

There you have it – As I say, I’m still in progress with the remainder and even though it’s a really simple process, it takes a lot of time and a lot of fiddling around to produce the kind of results I’m looking for… but hey ho, onward striving upward and all that – saying that, next week I’ll probably have a floral boho theme lol…! I change like the wind!

How have you decorated your A-Z tabs?

Until next time

Peace out