The Filofax & Weight Tracking

Hi Everyone!

Last night I decided I was fed up using my iPhone to record my weight. To use the app I had, I needed to convert my stone to lbs, which was really annoying at best since I work and can easily understand stones.

I scoured the Philofaxy website for some kind of weight management tracker but to no avail – i could see the Weightwat hers meal records etc but no weight charts. being the visual person i am, i really needed something to look at so I considered requesting a template to be drawn up. Then something stopped me: why get others to do something that you can do for yourself?

I decided to create an undated weight chart for my filofax instead. Oh goodie! Another reason to open my planner 🙂

I created it in OpenOffice as I have a Mac, then copy and pasted it onto a document blank Filofax personal size paper template, then just printed out! I’ve done about 6 months worth, here’s a page 🙂


What do you think? Basic, but it will do the trick… I’m using it already 🙂

What inserts have you made and why?




4 thoughts on “The Filofax & Weight Tracking

  1. This is a great idea! I also scour the interwebs to find downloadable sheets but realized we all have different needs so it is best to make our own. Especially since I have recently started the blogilates beginner calendar and was trying to find a great workout/weight tracking sheet.

    • Hi Porsche!
      I think the best thing our more advanced template creators could to is to show a video of them creating a template from scratch and how to do certain things to personalise it more (with borders etc)…
      I’ll have to pop onto your blogto find out more about your calendar!

  2. Great looking form. I make forms all the time for my planner. I can rarely find what I want pre-made and I really enjoy making forms. Once in a while I start out with a form someone else made and modify it to suit me.

    • I’d LOVE to see your forms! I can never find anything that I want… It frustrates me because I know exactly how I want them to look etc, but I’m really not that great on my mac so it ends up looking really basic and boring instead!

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