Filofax – The Affair

Hello Everyone!

A huge apology for being so quiet lately, I’ve been so busy with a new partner in my life. It’s been pretty full on over Christmas and New Year, so naturally, everything else gets put on the back burner and I really really don’t feel like doing anything after work other than falling to sleep on the sofa… Hey, I’m hibernating. It is winter, you know!

But anyhow, lately I purchased a black pocket Malden from my local TK Maxx store, convinced that this is THE Organiser: I love the compact cute looks, the super soft leather, the lived in look etc… And after 2 months of using it (and believe it or not, 4 or 5 months of using a pocket size…!) I want a change.

My Malden was decorated with Victorias Secret logo’s and backgrounds, sparkly stuff everywhere. But I want an Affair.



Not with another fella, because this one is pretty groovy, but I mean the Temperley “The Affair” Organiser.

And then I want a Made In Chelsea posh style interior.

Any ideas? I can’t seem to find one ANYWHERE!?

Help wanted please?

Lots of love



6 thoughts on “Filofax – The Affair

    • Hi Viola! I got them through a lovely lady in the US (who ships abroad). The company is called Piaric which has a website…
      Pia creates many inserts and theyre on amazingly thick quality paper. I dont think ill be going elsewhere for my inserts again! Ive even got her blank and ruled paper as well as her week to view diary, password log and month to view. Her costs are amazing too! Fully recommended!

      Happy shopping Viola!


  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the Affair is being sold by any shops now. So, I guess your choices will be eBay, putting an ad on the Philofaxy Adspot page or some of the selling groups on Facebook.
    Good luck in your search 🙂

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