The Search Continues: Personal Filofax Red Amazona WHERE ARE YOU?


I have been reduced to hunting the Facebook pages.  Searching that model name over and over to the point of feeling crazed.  I’ve even scouted old blog posts and Facebook planner page posts from about a year ago etc and messaged, yes, messaged, people asking if they still owned their beautiful red Personal Amazona that I am so jealous of them for owning… and seeing if they would ever part ways with the delectable model.

What’s happening to me?!

In other news, you may be aware I’m getting rid of the Deco!  Yup, Daisy is moving on…  she’s here if you fancy a peek:

Daisy is Moving – get a chance to own her HERE

Originally she was up for offers on the Facebook pages but after the allotted time passed and she had no interest…. poof!  She’s now at Auction.  Poor thing 😉

ALSO!  The Purple Personal Malden finishes on Tuesday – so don’t miss out on a chance to own!

You can find the Purple Malden HERE

In personal news, apart from becoming a complete brand snob and coveting a red/oxblood Mulberry Bayswater, I am gearing up for my upcoming break in the next couple of weeks to CORNWALL!  We are staying in a super duper posh hotel in Newquay and I can barely wait.  I know this is going to sound bizarre, but anyone who lives inland will completely agree with me here – I cannot wait to see the sea.  No idea why because it terrifies me – but there’s something about the sea that pulls me… I love it.

Anyway, I think that’s enough from me!  How are you getting on?



10 thoughts on “The Search Continues: Personal Filofax Red Amazona WHERE ARE YOU?

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m interested in a Slimline to keep me saturated… Until I can find the real thing!
      I’m so excited for Cornwall: I need this break away, thank you for your kind words!

    • Thank goodness it’s not just me that won’t give up 😉 my perseverance has just paid off and I’m having a Personal shipping over to me from the U.S.! I feel so happy I could cry!
      What are you searching for Lotte? X

    • Oh Kirsty I’m currently trying so hard to save for my red Mulberry Bayswater…! I know what you mean about the bags thing. I’m terrible with shoes, bags, purses, sunglasses…! X

  1. I’m looking for a slimline red Amazona, but without luck so far. Janet Carr suggests checking the various Filofax Facebook groups as she says they regularly appear. I don’t do Facebook so shall have to wait, but maybe it is ok for you?

    • Hi Steve, I managed to find a Red Amazona on the Facebook Pages… I’ll keep my ear to the ground for a slimline Amazona for you though!

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